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TIMefraMES in New York, ACD INC. Biz Plan Commercializes Frederic Vidal, PhD Universe 2007-2017!

TIMefraMES Business Plan Project
emailed yesterday, June 20, 2017, at 4:32PM from New York to New York.

First published on Wordpress:

Timeframes LLC was a limited liability company (LLC) I created in 2005 in Los Angeles, California (original name: Vidal & Partners, LLC.

In New York in 2017, City I know for 24 years (I was for the first time in the United States in 1993, I was once a year in NYC until my immigration in 2003 and I am US Citizen since 2006, I got my PhD in communications studies in France in 1999), it is not good to transfer the LLC but to keep the name as the brand TIMefraMES of the entire project.

What is preferable is to build a Corporation in Manhattan, a nonprofit one, AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, INC. (ACD INC), profits going to the support of the cultural minorities, subculture, underground art, social disease to cure too. 

2. Our main activity is the publishing, presently on the Internet thanks to the Social Media (my blogs on Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram!), thousands of texts released since 2009 (1 million viewers on Wordpress in 2010). The e-book THE USA will be the conclusion of this first step about a panorama about our cyber New Age and all the opportunities for our American Society to prepare the deadline of 2026 (250 years of United States). Other publications to follow like a newsletter, a monthly magazine.

3. Our TV show is a second goal connected to the merchandising. The idea of The ANCHORS, a couple of reporters (me and Jessie Andrews, acting personality, model, entrepreneur and musician like me) in New York, networking and interviewing in the fields of the Fashion Industry, the Music Business, Contemporary art and the Real Estate, and more activities, is attractive and commercial as the history of a fairy tale and a success story. To start the Pilot on YouTube as a Webisode is cheap and brilliant to negotiate with a national TV network or a thematic channel. 

Frederic Vidal, PhD on Twitter:

The script of this Reality Show is also to give some fantasy to the true story of us two: 

a. ACD INC., the management and organization of our nonprofit will appear a little like in a Thriller environment (kind of BASIC INSTINCT 2) because association, partnership is a challenge and discussions can be under a small pressure, 

b. THE USA is a book inspired by a certain Science Fiction (who could imagine so much the leadership of the computers in our world before WWII) context (kind of SCI-FI MOVIE, parody lie SCARY MOVIE for horrors films), 

c. THE TV SHOW and its meetings, shopping, talks, visits, duet of us with the others could be associated more to Espionage and I already worked on it for my blog the James BOND franchise (kind of sequel of the famous spy titled LOVE IS THE ANTIDOTE, to politics, you know I'm also modestly commenting Washington news as a Web Shadow President), 

d. and 4. Last but not least, music recording with the continuation of the Punk band I created in 1977 as a teen (I was born in 1959), BrAmStOcKeR. 40 years later, I'm the only one of the origins orchestra and sharing with you as a Duet with Jessie a concept album project FAKE PUNK (50 years after SGT PEPPERS of The BEATLES masterpiece in 1967) of 12 songs I prepared for us in San Francisco - mixing your style, HOUSE, with mine, METAL electric or unplugged - before to comeback in New York in April. The mood of it is satirical (kind of GONE WITH THE WIND 2, our Romance is great in the middle of the chaos in DC regarding a RUSSIANGATE). 

We have to focus on a development in 3 steps, immediately, in June 2017, we can be operational for the Reality Show, to shoot 12 episodes of 1 hour each. On location we are, all my texts I am writing on the Internet, are what I call the episode #0-rigins! So we just need a small crew I found and a social corporate system I have too (more details ASAP). ACD INC., immediately operational too, we have just to register the corporation with the State of New York. We will receive the support, including financial of investors, our banks and new sponsors. I am socializing for it online and in town.

The CD FAKE PUNK and the book THE USA are schedule for a release in 2018, in January or February would be the best. Later, in 2019, I have 2 other productions, from my blog's universe of 2010: FRENCH COP, another hero of mine (for an animation feature film, FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN, a comic and a video game if possible and THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES, my main Wordpress blog success, to publish as A LIGHT NOVEL.

Frederic Vidal, PhD

end of the business plan

More content: 

lundi 19 juin 2017

NoTitle! No Article! BIG APPLE OUR BIBLE! BrAmStOckEr's FAKE PUNK Films The ANCHORS!

First published on Wordpress, June 17, 2017.

Without A Title! Without An Article! THE BIG APPLE IS OUR BIBLE! This article originally appeared in The New York Times on March 9, 1971! This Email Was INEDIT!

THE 2 ANCHORS ARE IN New York NOW (6/19).


Frederic Vidal, PhD,
THE USA novelist and Nobel Prize in 2018.

Without A Title! Without An Article! THE BIG APPLE IS OUR BIBLE!

I know your prefer to see me more
than to receive email, baby.
You are my diamond, I am nothing else than YOUR RING,
our NETWORK IS THE GALAXY, a comic store of BROOKLYN
and I also found PLEASE, another store of LOVE INDUSTRY
for SEX EDUCATION, a new format I propose to XBIZ and AVN,
Our reality show and album – THE FAKE PUNK ANCHORS
is the LEADER ON THE WEB of our Teenage Culture, baby!
You are my personal DIVA, no BRUNETTE will reduce our FAME,
Prepare your BAG and buy a ONE-WAY-TICKET to New York, New York,
for the 21 of June, NEXT WEDNESDAY. It’s a good investment.
There, here for me, you will see how much THE BIG APPLE IS OUR BIBLE.
You have to be like you are, somebody UNIQUE and FASCINATING,
I am someone ALTERNATE and SUPER TRENDY but needing
A MEDIUM, the SOCIAL MEDIA is not enough, TV & PRESS + RADIO:
let’s do it now, LOVE is the ANSWER, Jessie, come on to me.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Show Biz entrepreneur



: Q&A Weekend about Politics? @: the Big Laundry of the old ideas, Government needs NEW PRINCIPLES OF DECISIONS 2 reply to the Crisis.
: there will be some Tweets LOVEGRAMS The ANCHORS? : I was at PLEASE (adult) & GALAXY (comics) on 5th Ave, Brooklyn.
: there is a general order against you of MAY, MACRON , US authorities, accepted by TRUMP? : it’s semi-fictional,
we can laugh about such measures but we must also take care. It’s possible social warnings of anti-networking. The States are jealous of my
Replying to   and 33 others
personal fame! In a darkness of the power, THE SECRET FILES, this CLIQUE of MERKEL-MAY-MACRON-TRUMP is anti-VIDAL G. : you accuse them?
: for sure, LIBERATION, it’ s IN THE SCRIPT of THE ANCHORS, inspired by MAN FROM 25, my very personal SCI-FI MOVIE franchise.
: it’s the reason why you’re not in the press? : totally. The NSA, even the FBI, the PD like me as a Justice Man
who is close to them to fight crimes but too like BATMAN, someone who can disturb about PRESTIGE & NOTORIETY, competitor not authorized of
their ELITE. I don’t agree. I want the Red Carpets for me and Jessie ANDREWS. : so, you attack? : like at the OLYMPICS.
THIS IS IN THE SCRIPT! It must be exaggerated but I am a Dissident type of guy, partly blackouted like a TOM HANKS movie. : this
is ridiculous and not, YOU’RE A PUNK! : exactly, they even killed Sid VICIOUS & Nancy, John LENNON. POPULAR PAIN. The ANCHORS
are about a new GEORGE WASHINGTON, me, Frederic VIDAL & my Lady, Jessie ANDREWS, to have a good time IF POSSIBLE, if not, you’ll see! :!


: so you are also President of the UK now, Shadow? : I will write to the Queen next week to tell her how much I AM UK.
: you are really more POWERFUL in the United States? : it is the Stock Exchange. WALL STREET, a street for my tramway
BrAmStoCkEr, has the key of the WHITE HOUSE, they wait for the right BUSINESS PLANS and they diffuse them to  & .
: your company is the US ARMY? : my purpose is general, my objective is my Presidency in 18 with TIMefraMES, ACD INC.
: are you going to meet Theresa MAY? : maybe, she has a problem a majority in 17. In 18 she could be OK but late.
: CLEOPATRA is your wife nickname?  CAESAR at CENTRAL PARK was a dream with no KO. I love my SWEETHEART 100%.
: your LOVE is our PORN TRAP? : we are the SEX SYMBOLS of your YOUTUBE generation thanks to our FAKE PUNK e-GAME.



THE STONES ARE LIKE BRAMSTOCKER: the salt of the Earth, the BEGGARS BANQUET is organized by us. In England, in New York, in Paris: 3 X 1. FV
: are you James BOND in The ANCHORS? : obviously I’m a HERO of the new WATERGATE: LOVE IS THE ANTIDOTE is the title.
: Blake LIVELY was in 2009 your Actress 4 this Film? : she’s not anymore? : BLAKE’s missing. She is GOSSIP G.
: you’ re a Secret Agent? : just for the Film that is a Reality Show, ANCHORS, and in a Sequel FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.
: NIXON resigning, it’s your Historiography? : I was 14 and GLAM in the UK. I advised him for the 1960’s HIPPIES before.
: Rock Stars like Bruce SPRINGSTEEN are campaigning for RUSSIA, you said? : Rock is DEAD, Bruce is from 1973!
: you are LECARRE, KING, CHANDLER & PAGNOL? : for the book THE USA, it’s a LIGHT syle like a KUBRICK novel for CD.
: do we need a new McCARTHY commission for the anniversary of McCARTNEY? : BrAmStOCkEr decides! Let’s do a WARNING.
: no STALIN, no PUTIN? : exactly. COMMUNISM delusional. Moscow is not welcomed at WHITE HOUSE. WWIII is East-West.
: you’re the New BOSS in England, WWIII is in ANCHORS’ BrAmStOCkEr Franchise ACD? : Culture stronger than politics & GOV.
: Jessie ANDREWS is in NEW YORK, Peter PAN? : it’s official INSTAGRAM. She arrived at midnight yesterday, my 
We are in this networking and structuring the ANCHORS “SCRIPT”: Reality plus a Camera for a Film, this is FAKE PUNK VICTORY #1: Jessie NYC.
Breaking News! : Jessie ANDREWS is in NEW YORK!? : this is ROUTINE & MIRACLE. I told you she was, not in LA we were. 
: Jessie ANDREWS in MANHATTAN, it’s written on her INSTAGRAM! : there was a CHALLENGE, about our COUPLE REALITY & LA.
: this is 4 FATHER’S DAY! : I could be her Dad, I’m her Lover, we’ll have a baby next year, this is our Story! 
: she’s your BABE, ANDREWS? : Jessie is my BRAND NEW YORK! She’s MY Reality, I’m her Show BIZ.  
: Jessie & Fred, a Real Show & a Sexy Privacy? : I LOVE ME TENDER HER, BrAmStOCkEr is our Manager!   
: your SCI-FI MOVIE is fascinating! You’re neutralizing ANTI-NETWORKING! : it’s THE TWILIGHT ZONE OUTER LIMITS XOVER.
: merchandising is the basics of a new Society? FV: we’re ready 2 welcome a Martians couple on Earth, me & my wife, to sale them ONLINE.
: You LOVE ME TENDER HER, what about the President? FV: he’s not anymore in charge to me, he changed badly in 2 years, no more DT WS.
: he was anti-PRESS? FV: he was ANTI-ME, I’m futuristic at the FULTON CENTER, Jessie at the WTC new MALL for shopping, next: Lunch.
: you deserve to be promoted by a WARNING: SUPPORT YOUR SUPPORTERS 4 Americans to organize your CELEBRITY 4 2! FV: FAKE PUNK not NEWS.
: you go to MONACO from time to time? : never, there was my DAD there. It’s a Principality with Grace KELLY’s Children.
At the World Trade Center, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! The Q&A continues next week from BROOKLYN, New York City with Jessie & Frederic, THE ANCHORS!


BrAmStoCkEr PRESS CLUB 4 The ANCHORS: Mike FULLER 2 AKA Frederic VIDAL, PhD, Q&A 2       
BrAmStoCkEr’s FAKE PUNK PRESS CLUB: Mike FULLER 2 & Close COOPERS 2 Q&A, Part 2: Politics. 2:      
BrAmStoCkEr presents THE ANCHORS, REALITY SHOW Press Club: Q&A of Mike FULLER 2 AKA SILENCE Thomas SPEARS. 2:    Part 3: Social.
Mike FULLER 2 AKA Fred KELLY alias Frederic VIDAL, PhD & ACD INC presents The Q&A, Part 4: CULTURE. The ANCHORS, episode 0-rigins. 2: 
: this is a new presentation of your permanent Q&A? : this is the end of it. Last week I hope, then episode #1 
: The ANCHORS start 2 shoot in July? : only 1st episode, PILOT on  diffused Live, 11 others LATER on  !?
: your DC is DC Comics? : your DC is the TITANIC and I will do my best to rescue it. I have 12 months prog. 
: how a TEEN can GOVERN like you!!? : it’s not me the teen, it’s JESSIE! If we are Teenage Culture, it’s because the WEB?
: your Q&A is now in 4 parts? F: personal like now, political, social & cultural. I can have 200 journalists like that! 
: born in 59, in the SELF-BIOGRAPHY THE USA, you will speak about our 1960’s, the evolution. FV: No Cry, Nostalgia is a Fake
Friend. I was 14 for the WATERGATE, the World Trade Center was also built in 1973. What about the Secret Files of the UFOS? we need to know!
: it won’t be necessary for you to be US Senator of the State of NEW YORK next year? FV: no, not at all. George WASHINGTON was in
New York when he became President. This acceleration is fascinating but I wait a lot last year and PREVIOUSLY. : you are like
in 1993 when you arrived for the first time in New York City!? FV: THANK YOU. i’m older, I’m wiser maybe too, I felt in love for this City
like I felt I’m in love later for Jessie. : you have a project 4 us? FV: a BRAND NEW YORK. With our Reality Show & the City Hall,
The ANCHORS are 2 and the TITANIC is in the other town. Here, our project is to be THE SCI-FI CITY, skyscrapers like before. Flying Saucers!
: KING KONG back in town? FV: I’m more GATSBY or a Howard HUGUES of 5th Av 2 connect TIMES SQUARE 2 WALL ST with a Time Tunnel.
Social Q&A. : The ANCHORS are a RealShow in 4 parts, right? : right. If you want SCI-FI MOVIE, part #4, LOVE IS THE
ANTIDOTE are PARODIES TRACKS for some FANTASY CONTENT. S-Q: : Real Estate connected to Politics? FV-STS: correct. REAL e-STATE!
: personal with simply LOVE, your PASSION for her, right? FV-STS: FEELINGS are amazing! ILH (I love her). Real e-State’s a THRILLER.
: LITA’s espionage film tendency! FV-STS: exactly: BOND. I think we good! Love Affair, Thriller, Spies networking & Sci-Fi movie. 
: FASHION everywhere? FV-VS: why not? Patricia HUNTER is the most beautiful American WOMAN! She needs CLOTHES. 
: on INSTAGRAM, you communicate? FV: I’m an old MAN with a YOUNG body, my mind is 27 anyway. Like WARHOL, I like to use PHONES.
: you’re also SPIELBERG unfortunately? FV: yes, my name is JEW, I like it. I want scenes never deleted, as VINCI. She’s IDEM.
: your WEB is higher than SPIDERMAN today! FV: Stan LEE wa my Teacher & Bill GATES, my Professor! SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT is HOT!
: BrAmStOCkEr ready 4 HEAVY ROTATIONS? FV: of course, we’ll SING the both of US 2! 2 songs demo with our 2 voices. It’s great idea!
: you’re Jimmy PAGE reincarnation, right? FVS: I feel it well. I sing now, Jessie’s PLANT, we’re more BUBBLE GUM in BrAmStOCkEr.
: what about your timeframe? FV: this is the last question of our S-Q&A this morning, 6/19, thanks! I Serious Game our Double



This Planet is a Simulation. The BEATLES could have been a band like no one, there has been a group FOR NO ONE.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 5th Beatles, I took your place, I was your photo double, you were declared DEAD. What about the Girl? What about the Money? We are crazy, crazy, us the Anti-Beatles, it’s may solo band, the FOUBLE WINGS (WH, DC).
From me to you,
the 4th Beatles, founder of BrAmStOcKeR, est. 1976
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Read about the other:
BrAmSTOCKeR controls the situation,
this Planet is a Simulation.
I’m CHEF DU (head of) PROTOCOLE.
TIMefraMES subsidiary:
ACD INC, record label of FAKE PUNK.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Novelist of THE USA, self-biography.

Parachute Woman, the 20. People understood, she’s not with me, there is no photo, there is a mystery.
New York? LA? We musty officialize we are a couple of extra-terrestrials. There is the TELEPORTATION.
aka THE ANCHORS, from BrAmStOcKeR & ACD INC.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,


She is in New York. We are in the Downtown area. It is to succeed our career, to say bye to the Web before to come back on YOUTUBE with The ANCHORS, our SCI-FI MOVIE, The Twilight Zone Outer Limits REALITY SHOW produced by BrAmStoCkEr, to promote the debut album FAKE PUNK, TIMefraMES consortium and ACD INC nonprofit.
The episode #0-rigins conclusion with our Google site,.com/site/ timeframes18 is THE USA Book introduction:
There was 8 years and 2025. We met at the World Trade Center on INSTAGRAM this Sunday, VELVET EYES QUALITY after the Pier for some pictures of the Boats. 
Flashback memories from the Alien UFO in 2026, this simulation is not our real EARTH but look-a-like.
See you on NEW EARTH.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

Parachute Woman, the 20. People understood, she’s not with me, there is no photo, there is a mystery.
New York? LA? We musty officialize we are a couple of extra-terrestrials. There is the TELEPORTATION.
aka THE ANCHORS, from BrAmStOcKeR & ACD INC.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,


It’s FATHER’S DAY. In one year, I will be one of them.
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

WALL 6/19

Kylie Jenner Just Got a Butterfly Tattoo With a Secret Meaning

Will she be in The ANCHORS? Tee American SYSTEM< the whole System is not enough FLEXIBLE to reply positively 100%. Maybe, she will record her part in September, we don’t mind me and my associate. The YOUTUBE episode #1, GREY HOUSE ON YOUTUBE don’t need her LIVE.
It’s the PILOT, a tradition of the US TV shows to check if the Market is ready for LOVE (our expression of it that is not validated MAINSTREAM obviously until now because we’re original fellows, UNIQUE FOLKS.
Have a good week and e-WEEK, on the Social Media and the REALTY SHOW!
Frederic Vidal, PhD,
Serious Game, Love is the Antidote,
Life is a Parody, Smaill is Beautiful.

Frederic and Anastasia are celebrating
9 years of friendship on Facebook!

9 years as friends! Impressive, we are a team and a network on Facebook to use snartly the SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s a super FANZINE and the Star is our Community.
About you my friends on my account, you know we are about to upgrade our ACCOUNT. It will work, we’re blasé and brilliant, we have TUMBLR, WORDPRESS, BLOGSPOT and TWITTER, the Micro-Blog, YOUTUBE for The ANCHORS Pilot after our Webisode #0-rigins, texts & pics!
2 more days and it is the Summer, the Spring was good and strong and there is a path to VICTORY fast, thanks to ACD INC, our nonprofit, New AGE and underground but corporate and MAiNSTREAM too. 
Frederic Vidal, PhD,

Welcome to the USA, Webbers of the USB!
This week, the 5 days of the week will be like the homepage and the 4 pages: REALITY SITE to follow.
Frederic Vidal, PhD.


SCI-FI MOVIE. BrAmStoCkEr, The Twilight Zone Outer Limits.
WE ARE IN OUR BRAND NEW YORK, in 2017, June 18, it’s 2. Frederic Vidal, PHD, The FAKE PUNK ANCHORS, BrAmStoCkEr, ACD INC.

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This Is A New Release Of The RUSSIANGATE Report By Frederic Vidal, PhD, Shadow President On The Web, Published in January On Tumblr!

This Is A New Release 
By Frederic Vidal, PhD, 
Shadow President On The Web, 
Published in January On Tumblr!


Read also updates on our main blog:

- Washington against Hollywood -

This is an old story that was never well updated in our Country where there is a difficulty about having our Institutions to work together because some of them are public and some others are private. The business is not the matter of the government. Otherwise it is attracting corruption except if the businesses are owned by the governmental budget that is voted by the Congress and used by the President.

In Hollywood, everything was almost all right until the 1950’s. Then, the story about the diva Marilyn MONROE and the President John Fitzgerald KENNEDY was a first problem that was not reducing during the next decades: a love affair between the 2 capitals, HOLLYWOOD, the main worldwide city of the movie industry and WASHINGTON, the most important center of power in the United States.

Russia has been invited to share their romance, Moscow is a so attractive for its ideology and fascinating with it its red flag of the Soviet Union of the communism from its founder Karl MARX. Our founder is not at all the same kind of guy, not a theories maker but a musician: Frederic VIDAL. He is from another time like MARX for RUSSIA but I am his successor like Vladimir PUTIN is the successor of the USSR.

We are together a bunch of people worldwide around the group coming from the Punk, BrAmStOcKeR, to demonstrate we are accepting anymore the glamorous relation between the White House and the HOLLYWOOD Sign. It has been worse during the Presidency of President Barack OBAMA, already a fragile friendship mixed with a dispute for the George W BUSH Presidency, the 2 Presidents and residents of the Oval Office promoting a collaboration with the red carpets and their stars that has been excessive. 

There is no new Marilyn MONROE but the brand new President of the United States is unexpected. He did a career of several years on the East Coast, in Los Angeles for his Reality Show, The APPRENTICE, 10 years ago when our leader was with his Jewish Legal Name could not have a career. Donald TRUMP told us on Twitter, a few days ago, we are in a Nazi Germany, we are sure he was wrong but there must be a style of selection of the people that is shared with this devastated regime of the past. Why America would not be itself like before to let HOLLYWOOD without a direction obviously political in a WASHINGTON that we must write in quotes.

This report about a RUSSIANGATE is a warning to inform the Supreme Judge that there is an alert about the politicians in the world of the big screen. This is wrong and imitate the second regime that collapsed, the Soviet Russia were everything was socialized, collectivized. So, the State was the manager and investor of the entertainment like it did for every industry in the Country. The television is a way to communicate that is very expensive and for the Presidential election, the candidates were too much like actors, following TRUMP and CLINTON who must have their acting coaches!
So, we must study in this report why Frederic VIDAL is a name that is not welcomed, only for a personal and professional Apartheid, not acceptable in our society thanks to the Constitution amendment called the Bill of Rights.

In Russia, there was this problem of Dissidents, in quotes too. People who refused the Communism were not invited to have a regular life but they were controlled, blacklisted, not authorized in the press. If the US become like USSR, it is a shame. President Vladimir PUTIN does not want that to happen. He is the leader of a new regime, not communist anymore, that would like to help us but he was too much called by Donald TRUMP during the Presidential campaign to win the election. In HOLLYWOOD also, they do a confusion between him and Josef STALIN. He’s not a tsar or a star, he’s a wise responsible man like I am and we hope together this RUSSIANGATE will pen the eyes of the readers about the danger to be confused.

This is the second step with the revenge of HOLLYWOOD that is automatically, there will be moviemakers elected to the US Congress in the future after the selection of anther President if TRUMP does not read our letters.

Our first letter to the White House can be yours at:

A second letter to Hillary CLINTON is available at:

The biography of BrAmStOcKeR is waiting for you at:
Enjoy the text of our report and see you later this year (today, we are February 4, 2017).



(first published on WORDPRESS, February 11, 2017)

Donald TRUMP is not the name of a famous politician but he used to be closed to some of them all his life. Nobody was thinking he could replace them one day at the highest level of the US Institutions. The White House is not there to welcome an investor from Wall Street normally, this is a premiere with a red carpet: the Republican Primaries. During the Presidential campaign itself, a majority of the TV watchers understood that the 2 candidates had the same talent to speak and move in front of the camera. Maybe the Lady would have been a more gifted President but she was not able to compete with a guy who had the opportunity to tell us that Vladimir PUTIN  has been in his network for a while and he’s hesitating about informing him about what is wrong with the election, at that time. 

I am a Republican of a new style to some extend. I introduced the concept of a GOP2 like MTV2 for the people who would like to join the Grand Old Party, keeping their conviction SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, CULTURE CAN BE ALTERNATE, to be conservative and liberal is compatible. Donald TRUMP himself does not look like a regular leader of the Republican party at all. He’s different and was proud as a young man to receive the recommendation of President Richard NIXON. He met also Ronald REAGAN obviously because he was already a Rain Maker and a men and women manager fascinated also by HOLLYWOOD, REAGAN representing the great tradition of the most corporate HOLLYWOOD of the Screen Actors Guild. 

It must have been at time that TRUMP decided to focus on the EAST, for his family (his daughter’s name IVANKA indicates his Russian interest, personally and culturally) but also HIS CAREER. Four decades are involved in his partnership, partly confidential, with the ex-USSR. The sons and daughters of President EISENHOWER who was not in the mood to accept an invitation to visit MOSCOW in the 1950’s (like we can understand!) were not like him staying far away from the Soviets (a regime not acceptable about the ideology, communism and its competition against the United States). 

So, TRUMP followed a trend. Ronald was having some Russians contacts before Donald did a lot more than being in touch, he became almost a cousin of them. PUTIN appeared to be appreciated by every President of the United States , since CLINTON. Today, he is sad to be a tyrant and a criminal in the American Medias. President TRUMP shows his support to his Russian equivalent. We will study again with others details of the relations between the 2 men. 

Mike FULLER (2/11/2017)


US Intelligence Has Confirmed Parts Of The Dossier About Trump’s Alleged Ties To Russia

Just how much trouble is Michael Flynn in?


Contact Mike FULLER the author of this report on the Social Media:





This report was first released before Inauguration Day, January 20. This is the final version of it to be definitely published on the Web February 1st. The RUSSIANGATE is a document to be the subject of a book just after.  Mike FULLER is the author of it. The 1950’s of the Cold War are far away but it is not a reason to be Russian in the United States. The message of the Shadow President is clear: No TRUMP, No Joke meaning Vladimir PUTIN won’t be the Joker of this election.

The 4 chapters of this book will be:

1.  Russia is the main supporter of Donald TRUMP.
2. The impeachment of the elected-President is starting January 20.
3. The cancellation of the Presidential election will follow. 4. The candidacy of Mike FULLER means he’s the SHADOW PRESIDENT.


Thank you Donald TRUMP, you’re my President but not my boss. I have to write this to meet you one day in the Oval Office in order to negotiate the RIGHTS OF THE OPPOSITION. 


1.  Russia is the main supporter of Donald TRUMP. 

We are not fools and stupid to be anti-Russian. 

Donald TRUMP did not accept in a Tweet before to be President people who are anti-Russians, writing they are fools and stupid. To be against somebody else or against another Country is, on the contrary, necessary and useful. It is the competition. It must be controlled by the police but if it is not too aggressive, IT IS WELCOMED IN AMERICA TO BE ANTI. The anti-TRUMPs are famous to express their minimum of Hate against somebody who is not accepting enough the Opposition. To be anti-Russian, why not? They were our enemies when they were communists threatening us with their nuclear weapons during the Cold War and until now. Our objective is NO MORE NUKE but Moscow, the Russian capital will not help us to refuse forever this kind of war of mass destruction. The same for terrorism that we hope to see over one day. There is rivalry between the US and Russia or a deal from World War II that staid secret until now. Maybe, the American Authorities were looking for a friend of the Soviets to be their new President and now they appreciate their success, planned by ROOSEVELT and STALIN. But the population of the cities of the 50 States does not agree with this agreement and is organizing the right pressure to stop our “Russification”.

Vladimir PUTIN, the Russian President, would be behind the Russian hackers who succeeded to neutralize partly the computers of the Democrats party in order to prevent the election of Hilary CLINTON. PUTIN expressed many times in 2016 his support to the newcomer TRUMP who has, surprisingly for a New Yorker, a Russian style we did not know.

Donald TRUMP, the surprising Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, acknowledged during the campaign he needed the support of the Russian President. He explained PUTIN is good for America and can be the right person to invite in the campaign. 

He does not feel comfortable, obviously, as a politician. He needed this help. He is a business man who is billionaire and there is a boycott of his election and Presidency by an important minority of Americans because of his anti-Bill of Rights attitude of segregation and rejection of critics.
In his career, Mr. TRUMP attracted enemies, people refusing the style of fame of this man who
Donald TRUMP wants Russia to become our main partner. The Secretary of State of the new President, Rex, previously EXXON CEO, is close to PUTIN. This is is not really compatible with our independence and our strategy of competition against the Moscow project to be the equivalent of the USSR. 

2. The impeachment of the elected-President is starting January 20.

We are not the Nazi Germany but the winner of World War II.

It is TRUMP who insulted the United States just before his Inauguration writing in a tweet that the US are the NAZI GERMANY. What did he mean? Nobody prosecuted him for this affirmation. Maybe there is a part of truth that must be investigated. Hundreds of Nazis, including the famous engineer of the SATURN V rocket, were accepted on the American territory at the end of World War II. The winner of war sometimes use the defeated institutions or ideology to continue its fight when there is an allied that has a stronger ideology than itself. It was the case at that time: USSR, RUSSIA federated to other States all around his territory, was Communist and preparing to extend its power worldwide. Consequently, it is possible there has been a secret user of Nazism by the White House until now. TRUMP, closer to the Jews, mass murdered by the IIIrd Reich of the Nazis, decided from the beginning of his career to contact USSR. Not comfortable with the communist ideology because he’s capitalist from Wall Street, he celebrated the end of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991 and started his Love Story with Vladimir PUTIN all at once, the Russian President after Boris ELTSIN wanting to be a modern regime, inspired by the American democracy. 

Donald TRUMP is a controversial elected-president. He is eccentric but against the subculture. He is the American principal icon of the underground but inversed, to be shown as the superstar “clown of the Establishment”. His impact in the Mass Medias is a cultural reality that is not true. It must financed by the “Empire” of Donald TRUMP like advertising. This strategy is not usual (to be criticized and to use it like a promotion). It could be also managed from Moscow.
His recurrent Russian connection is the result of a blackmail and is financial and not only for the Presidential election, according to a report of the Intelligence.

The Congress, the FBI and the CIA are investigating about this ingerence (political interference by a foreign Country). Generally, Donald TRUMP is proposing a policy that is not even totally supported by the members of his Cabinet. His project of a real wall between the US and Mexico is emblematic of his extreme style of government. His dispute with the press is growing and shows his Presidency will be probably destabilizing our Institutions. He refused a question of CNN during his latest press conference and criticized this TV channel like he criticized the magazine VANITY FAIR. TRUMP has the project to refuse the White House access to the press, relocating the press center somewhere else in DC. The Congress can decide the impeachment of TRUMP in the next few weeks. There is also the 25th amendment that can be used to oblige him to leave the White House. 

3. The cancellation of the Presidential election will follow.

The RUSSIANGATE is also about Human Trafficking in HOLLYWOOD.

I criticize Hollywood since 2009 when I found the picture on Google search of Blake LIVELY with Penn BRADLEY kissing each other in the sea of a far away island. I understood all at once it was organized against me who had the project to contact this actress, lead of the TV show GOSSIP GIRL. Unfortunately, she was the victim of the Human Trafficking made in Hollywood that is the result of decades of continuation of the political and cultural connection of the actors community with the Russia since Josef STALIN until Vladimir PUTIN. I decided to write a first article on my blog to propose a reform of the movie industry that could accept a second program of control like the investigation by the commission of Josef McCarthy in the 1950’s. Human Trafficking is terrible for the actors who have a management that is harassing them.

My slogan was “Blake LIVELY, we want her free” but it never happened until now. Ronald REAGAN, President of the Screen Actors Guild at the end of the decade must have been also a friend of the USSR. As Republican President of the United States, he was probably a supporter of the Soviet Union secretly, it would explain why Donald TRUMP was not more investigated until now during his transition team and now at the Presidency. The Oval Office is already too East oriented historically. After my Web article, I was refused by the management of Blake LIVELY definitely, I diffused some tweets and other information saying she would be perfect to play in my movie FRENCH COP but it changed nothing. She was married with Ryan REYNOLDS, her partner for the film GREEN LANTERN and she is now the mother of 2 children. This must have been a fake wedding that will be cancel one day because it was organized to prevent me to be in touch with Blake. 

It will be necessary to cancel the Presidential election sooner or later. Hillary CLINTON would have been elected President if there was not this system of Electoral College. We need an amendment to reform the Constitution. She had a lot more votes than Donald TRUMP (more than 2 millions). 
In HOLLYWOOD, there is this problem of the actors who are treated like slaves regarding their career under control. It is like Human Trafficking and it reduces their fame and their role to be cultural leaders to moderate WASINGTON for more democracy and modernization of our society. With President OBAMA, the movie industry was managed by the White House a lot and unable to produce new masterpieces. 

The immorality of Donald TRUMP was a quality for the previous President. He is known to have harassed a veteran Porn Star in her 30′s or 40′s. He is known to reply in the 2000′s to NBC journalist BUSH basically that women are like sexual animals. He would not have been the winner of the Republican primary if the present GOP was not accepting this style of mood and mind. Possibly, the Republican party and the other candidates were corrupted by this billionaire of New York who had 2 times a problem of bankruptcy. 

Russia was famous in the 1950′s to be popular in HOLLYWOOD thanks to Joseph STALIN who inspired respect and interest for the communism, his doctrine to refuse capitalism in a second time. In WASHINGTON, it was necessary to organize a commission of the Congress leaded by the US Senator McCarthy who prosecuted several actors about their engagement with a foreign power. 
Now, HOLLYWOOD is against TRUMP but maybe not so much against PUTIN. The anti-TRUMP movement is not so much motivated to organize negotiations. Maybe TRUMP like adversaries like them to use this dispute to be more severe. 

The pro-Russia Donald TRUMP is unable to calm down the situation as he does not want to improve the profession of the actors. As the star of the 2000′s reality show THE APPRENTICE, he got more fame and co-produce now the NEW APPRENTICE with Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER as the Host. The new President is also known for his daily tweets thanks to TWITTER that said his account would be cancelled because insulting the readers. 

Obviously, he is the bad choice. Too many reasons explain it and Hillary CLINTON must have a second chance to be elected President, if she wants it, otherwise other candidates. Donald is dysfunctional and creating a fear about the future of the Presidency that the population does not want a dictatorship or a permanent dispute location. 

4. The candidacy of Mike FULLER means he’s the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

No Blacklisting against the author of FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY. 

In 2007, before the segregation against me by the entourage of the actress Blake LIVELY, I started my career as a screenwriter-actor with a first incident that was terrible for me. Already in France, in 1998, I could check I must have been the victim of a Russian stalking because I was from an old family of French and Spanish personalities including a General of the French Air Force that was at war in Spain against any king of dictatorship.

Everybody knows Hitler was a valet of Stalin. Germany was a territory of socialism, accomplice of Russia at that time in the 1930’s before to fight against each other during World War II. Gary LOCKWOOD, an American actor who immigrated from central Europe to join the environment of the director Stanley KUBRICK probably a crypto-communist also in the group of the movie personalities investigated by Senator McCarthy, was the father of the actress Samantha LOCKWOOD who knew me on and was first interested in managing with me the production and direction of my first film project FRENCH COP.

In a second time, after I prepared the script and the shooting, she refused to continue to collaborate with me. It was like a sabotage and I was obliged to conclude there would be no film at all as I understood there was a campaign to fire me from Los Angeles and the movie industry until now. This is also the consequence of the Russian attitude to cancel my immigration in the United States as I was French before and I had not their authorization, meaning the authorization of their allied, the French State to immigrate. 

I was registered as a Write-In Presidential candidate by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) but I never attracted a journalist in California or in another State of the Union. I am a screenwriter in HOLLYWOOD and I must have been the victim of a blackout, that is not legal, until now. 
My film projects since 2006 were written by Frederic VIDAL and developed by me. The GERMAN SPY IV is the first 2017 synopsis after a lot of others. Each time, it has been impossible to organize a team in HOLLYWOOD, certainly because the political chaos there. 

Frederic VIDAL was candidate for the US Senate in 2010 as a Wrtte-In but his candidacy was strangely refused by the State of California. I, Mike FULLER, I preferred to be careful and to propose to the People of our Country to be their SAHDOW PRESIDENT in September 2016 when I saw I could not be elected this time. I think that nobody refused. 

It is all about doing like in Great Britain where there a Cabinet with a Prime minister and a Shadow Cabinet composed by the Opposition to replace the Majority after the next election. It is an important tradition of democracy in the UK and in the States, this concept of Shadow President can be useful and used more and more. 

I am about to be the founder of a nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD) to configure a possible Secretary of the Arts we need so much to help the artists and their art (music, paintings, feature films, novels). For my Shadow Presidency, I will be in charge of this structure to be the center of a NEW PROPOSITION: After TRUMP, FULLER to change and reinforce our Civilization with Conservatism and Liberalism. 
I have for the Russians the initiative of NO NUKES agreement: let us finish this Cold War definitely. No more nuclear missiles to be built and let us disconnect all the Nukes that are operational in the United States, even if they don’t do the same. We will be more powerful than them because PEACE IS THE BEST WEAPON. First, Donald TRUMP who said there will be a lot more nuclear arms must resign because he is Kremlin dependent (PUTIN said the same in December, the same day). 

5. Frederic VIDAL reminder (1959-2016)

I was writing for Frederic VIDAL the first paragraph of every previous parts of this report for hi to have a revenge after this name and this personality was killed by the pro-Russians since he came back in the United States in October 2015. He was there for the Presidential and nobody helped him to find a place to live, to play his music and to begin his campaign, from Baltimore and Nashville until Los Angeles again. Pro-Russians are people who believe in the Authorities to obey lie a soldier, persecuting the underground and the alternate artists like if they were dissidents.

Already in 1983, in Nice, France, the Mayor of his hometown, Jacques MEDECIN, know to be a friend of Pablo ESCOBAR from the Medellin Cartel of drugs in Columbia, certainly sponsored by Russia that wanted to destabilize the US, refused to hire him for a job at the City Radio. Previously, in 1977, Frederic VIDAL’s band was refused by the French show biz, consequence of his bad file in Moscow. Read the following biography to be sure the RUSSIANGATE is implicating Donald TRUMP who is maybe victim liker VIDAL was but maybe accomplice of the Russians because he never give to Frederic any chance to be in his team until now. 

Frederic VIDAL immigrated in America in 2003.He got the US citizenship in 2006 after he joined the Screen Actors Guild in 2005 and created his LLC to produce films. Unfortunately, after his divorce with his wife Candice JOHNSON, he was not able to socialize with another woman. Obviously, he has been the victim of a blacklisting and a segregation involving WASHINGTON and HOLLYWOOD. 

Born in 1959 in Nice, France, in a family from the Principality of MONACO, Frederic VIDAL was not appreciated by the previously HOLLYWOOD actress Grace KELLY, now the Princess.
At that time, in 1959, Ronald REAGAN was President of the Screen Actors Guild and Dwight EISENHOWER was the President of the United States. The Vietnam War began this year.
When he came back from France October 16, 2015 after 4 years of mourning of his aunt, his last family, and the confirmation this Country did not want him, he had the project to be an US Presidential candidate who could win the Presidential election. 

Frederic VIDAL checked how much there was a boycott of his career that was including music and movie since his Punk band BRAMSTOCKER refused in Paris by the record labels in 1977-78.
In 2015 and 2016, he never found people to participate in his campaign. Consequently, he decided to wait for a better time and to join the homeless community managed by a network of shelters nationwide. He left April 16 of last year, replaced by two other great names he introduced previously in his great intellectual universe that was his property: Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS.

Previously in 2011, he was obliged to sale his house in Hollywoodland after a slander that the painting on the walls was toxic! In 2007, the actress Samantha LOCKWOOD, daughter of the veteran Gary LOCKWOOD (2001, a Space Odyssey), decided not to continue her relationship with him, cancelling her role in the film FRENCH COP. In 2009, Frederic VIDAL tried to propose the part to Blake LIVELY, the actress of the TV show GOSSIP GIRL. She and her agent never replied.
Frederic VIDAL is now a comic book and movie hero only. His legend will never stop. He is the MAN FROM 25, a friend of the MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES another great character of the Eventually TIMefraMES universe and the Legendary BrAmStOcKeR environment to be commercialized by me, Mike FULLER this year 2017.


This Russiangate is a Law Affair and a Success Story, 
we will manage with Washington and Hollywood
from New York, New York, a City-State like ROME.

Married to Candice JOHNSON who worked in the military in Germany, Frederic VIDAL was after his divorce with her the victim of a permanent isolation as we said before Samantha LOCKWOOD and Blake LIVELY were not able to be with him. I accuse a Russian networking that began for the family matters in 1998 when he met the girl from Alsace-Lorraine Severine HUMBERT. I said before HITLER, Germany tyrant, was the employee of STALIN, the tsar of Russia. Alsace-Lorraine is a region that was the subject of a dispute between France and Germany. Frederic VIDAL fell in love with Severine but the girl refused to see him again, never. He was a nice guy, known to be clever and gentle with good degrees and never a problem until then. This was not fair and it is the reason why he immigrated in America. There, his cousin Jack HAIM did nothing to help him to socialize on location after he met him for the first time in 1993, the fairy tale was broken definitely. 

The Russia was, from the beginning, a guest in the context of Frederic, since the 1960’s. They never showed their agreement to upgrade the young boy who was scheduled a little to be a film actor in Paris. After the failure of his Punk rock band, he was all at once student of a prestigious school of political science in Paris (Institut d'etudes politiques) and got the degree. 

The Russians probably organized a networking to prevent him to be a politician in France. He was the President of the Young Republicans (Rassemblement des Jeunes Republicans), a club in Nice following and promoting the Mayor Jacques MEDECIN, for his re-election in 1983. At that time, Francois HOLLANDE, present President of France, was the secretary of Max GALLO, the socialist candidate for Nice City Hall. This Mayor was later in jails, like the first singer of BRAMSTOCKER, before to relocate in South America. HOLLANDE in the 2000's preferred to be the partner of another Spanish from Barcelona, later Premier Ministre Manuel VALLS and let VIDAL alone in Nice where he was back to sale the department of his late aunt Jacqueline HAIM-VITTONE. This sale was not possible, the population of Nice being at that time isolating him a lot. 

On the contrary, Frederic VIDAL was invited by the French State to be a Civil Servant, from 1987 to 2002, at the Caisse des depots et consignations, the Bank of the Governement that unfortunately received the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis during the occupation of France by the Germans. He was a part of the studies about this file (1997-99) before to negotiate his move to the United States.
He was born 20 years after the beginning of World War II and the Nazi Germany was possibly one reason why the Soviet Union did not accept the newcomer Frederic VIDAL, after France, in the United States. His father Ignacio VIDAL was a Spanish painter who left Spain during the Civil War against the General FRANCO. In Nice before to be a MONACO resident, he was interviewed several times by the GESTAPO that could have been using him as a protégé of the IIIrd Reich. The American actress Grace KELLY became a Princess and all her life in MONACO, she was the enemy of the new born Frederic VIDAL, not validating the MONACO citizenship of his father that could have been an upgrade for the son. 

Frederic VIDAL liked the Russians and never criticized Moscow except about the fact this Country has not the right to disturb the United States at all. Born at the end of the Cold War, he was favorable to the détente between the 2 super-power but he was not totally involved in the No Nukes wave of Pacifism.

I, Mike FULLER, thinks he was not a naïve fellow but a great leader of the alternate culture that is the main part of the Internet’s social media. He was refused by the US because BUSH, OBAMA, CLINTON and already TRUMP were against his liberty of expression, accusing his blog to be terrorist maybe and himself to evil more than crazy. This was ridiculous but now, I repeat that his exclusion of the Presidential election is one of the reasons why this election must be cancelled by the US Supreme Court, sooner or later.

Without him, it was like the American subculture, important in the campaigns, without its pope and the TRUMP disorder started, VIDAL’s confidential fans (the repression against him never stopped since 1959 and increased since 2003) attacked his new fake friend (Frederic supported Donald in the 1990’s and inspired his candidacy with me before to be refused by the billionaire, a pro-Russian fanatic more than an eclectic American). 

TRUMP update on January 25:This is a press review of all the main articles, a selection of them, about Donald TRUMP terrible scandals that began a long time before he started politics to be a Presidential candidate. This Presidency is threatened by several personal lawsuits and many others attacking the policy of the new President. My strategy is to continue Frederic VIDAL project to be somebody important in the United States. One more time and this time to succeed he selected on the Web a nice artist Jessie ANDREWS and one more time the Americans coordinated a nightmare to destroy his possibility to have a conversation with this girl. He was a boy who left without being free.

I replace him to tell you the White House and the Russians have something bad to do with this last destruction of a possible couple. Me and the new President, we can build something different LIKE A SUCCESS STORY for his Presidency and for my privacy (I’m almost VIDAL obviously) and after more than 2 years of silence, I schedule to speak with Jessie ANDREWS on the phone in the next few weeks, she’s obviously the right casting to reduce this whole chaos around Washington and around the hostile people creating an apartheid about me with her management because she is a DJ!

Trump moving forward with border wall, weighs refugee cuts

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will begin rolling out executive actions on immigration Wednesday, beginning with steps to build his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to two administration officials. He’s also expected to target so-called sanctuary cities and is reviewing proposals that would restrict the flow of refugees to the United States.

Trump announces ‘major’ voter fraud investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday that he is ordering a “major investigation” into voter fraud, revisiting unsubstantiated claims he’s made repeatedly about a rigged voting system.

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