vendredi 8 juillet 2016

Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller ready for a Medias Conference in San Francisco with this Medias release and his new Web portrait STAY.

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My Medias release (latest version)
Frederic Vidal alias Mike Fuller, US Presidential candidate
critics and propositions against dictatorship in America.

From the 6218 Rockcliff Drive in Hollywoodland, Los Angeles until the 10, avenue Notre-Dame in Nice, France - his 2 locations as a homeowner before to become temporarily homeless - when he cameback in America, October 16, 2015 to start his campaign to be President, Frederic Vidal has always been a leader like always in his life since the 1960's with his mother Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and a supporter of Roma in the ancient times, the origins of our Law and Civilization with their principle, the SPQR. Consequently, from California, its headquarters State, to the United Nations in New York, begins today July 4, 2016, the diffusion of his Medias Release, Senatus Populusque Romanus, for you, worldwide, to feature Frederic Vidal, a real Web personality, a.k.a. Mike Fuller (his politicial nickname) a.k.a. Fred Kelly (his cultural pseudonym for movies and music now) in your magazine, newspaper, TV program, radio show, etc. as he deserves it and in order to finish a blackout around him that makes no sense.

STS (Silence Thomas Spears)

My FEC candidacy form
About SPQR
Also, visit my 2 sites and my 2 blogs

Frederic Vidal a.k.a. Mike Fuller
Medias Release 'ABOUT TO CHANGE'

1. FEC

1.1. I am registered as a Presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission (#1648, ID: P60021870)
and famous on the Internet with a successful blog on Wordpress since 2009.
1.2. I am a Web candidate supporting the subculture and the minorities, waiting for more diffusion and the vote of an amendment.
1.3. I was a write-in candidate in June and in 2010, accepted by the State of California for the Republican primary
after a first campaign to be US Senator in 2010.
1.4. I want to be A GUEST CANDIDATE in the press. I am an artist (songwriter-performer and actor-screenwriter) and a self-made-man.

2. NSA

2.1. I have the feeling I am blacklisted and there is some defamation that I would be a crazy man.
I must have a bad file at the National Security Agency (NSA).
2.2. This is against the BILL OF RIGHTS and the liberty of expression that is crucial in a democracy. President Barack Obama
would personally follow my file to be sure I will do nothing like a breakthrough. His predecessor Bush was the same or worst.
2.3. I never got a press article! Is it because anti-Semitism of the Authorities?
2.4. I want this to be cancelled. My name VIDAL is Jewish but it is not my religion.


3.1. I have a band (BRAMSTOCKER) and a company (TIMEFRAMES) that are looking for more fame in Hollywood, since 2006.
3.2. I wanted to marry a girl (Blake Lively), she was a victim of human trafficking. Other girls also did not agree like a
segregation against me. I am still in progress to build a happy family but I need your help!
3.3. I propose a new McCarthy commission to solve the problems of the fake couples in the American Entertainment industry,
if it is true that too much is organized and nothing sincere in 'love stories' by US Spectacle stars.
3.4. There must be an AMERICAN CULTURE DEPARTMENT to manage the artistic community and coordinate its creations.


4.1. The population and the businesses look OK to support my fight to become President and already appreciated artist and business man.
4.2. But the Mass Medias are not enough interested in featuring my candidacy. This is the reason of this communique. It must change.
4.3. There must be probably an alternate Nuremberg Trial, if necessary, to organize against neo-Nazism in America
if it is confirmed this ideology destroyed our democracy tradition, step by step since the 1950's after we neutralized Germany.
4.4. NEW AGE AND FLOWER POWER are the solutions to reduce corruption in the Congress and at the White House
in Washington, DC. Washington must be the name of our entire society, cultural, social and not only political.

Mike Fuller, W picture
for the 4th of July, 2016.

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