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The RUSSIANGATE is The Main Report By Mike FULLER Since 2009! It's about The President of the United States And Russia.


Washington against Hollywood

1.  Russia is the main supporter of Donald TRUMP.

We are not fools and stupid to be anti-Russian. 

Vladimir PUTIN would be behind the Russian hackers who succeeded to neutralize partly the computers of the Democrats party in order to prevent the election of Hilary CLINTON.
Donald TRUMP acknowledged during the campaign he needed the support of the Russian President.
He does not feel comfortable as a politician. He is a business man who is billionaire and there is a boycott of his election and Presidency by an important minority of Americans because of his anti-Bill of Rights attitude of segregation and rejection of critics.
Donald TRUMP wants Russia to become our main partner: this is not compatible with our independence and our strategy of competition against the Moscow project to be the equivalent of the USSR.

2. The impeachment of the elected-President is starting January 20.

We are not the Nazi Germany but the winner of World War II.

Donald TRUMP is a controversial elected-president. He is eccentric but against the subculture.
His recurrent Russian connection is the result of a blackmail and is financial and not only for the Presidential election, according to a report of the Intelligence.
The Congress, the FBI and the CIA are investigating about this ingerence (political interference by a foreign Country).
Generally, Donald TRUMP is proposing a policy that is not even totally supported by the members of his Cabinet.
His project of a real wall between the US and Mexico is emblematic of his extreme style of government.

His dispute with the press is growing and shows his Presidency will be probably destabilizing our Institutions. He refused a question of CNN during his latest press conference and criticized this TV channel like he criticized the magazine VANITY FAIR. TRUMP has the project to refuse the White House access to the press, relocating the press center somewhere else in DC.
The Congress can decide the impeachment of TRUMP in the next few weeks. There is also the 25th amendment that can be used to oblige him to leaver the White House.

3. The cancellation of the Presidential election will follow.

The RUSSIANGATE is also about Human Trafficking in HOLLYWOOD. 

It will be necessary to cancel the Presidential election sooner or later. Hillary CLINTON would have been elected President if there was not this system of Electoral College. We need an amendment to reform the Constitution. She had a lot more votes than Donald TRUMP (more than 2 millions).
In HOLLYWOOD, there is this problem of the actors who are treated like slaves regarding their career under control. It is like Human Trafficking and it reduces their fame and their role to be cultural leaders to moderate WASINGTON for more democracy and modernization of our society. With President OBAMA, the movie industry was managed by the White House a lot and unable to produce new masterpieces.

The immorality of Donald TRUMP was a quality for the previous President. He is known to have harassed a veteran Porn Star in her 30′s or 40′s. He is known to reply in the 2000′s to NBC journalist BUSH basically that women are like sexual animals. He would not have been the winner of the Republican primary if the present GOP was not accepting this style of mood and mind. Possibly, the Republican party and the other candidates were corrupted by this billionaire of New York who had 2 times a problem of bankruptcy.

Russia was famous in the 1950′s to be popular in HOLLYWOOD thanks to Joseph STALIN who inspired respect and interest for the communism, his doctrine to refuse capitalism in a second time. In WASHINGTON, it was necessary to organize a commission of the Congress leaded by the US Senator McCarthy who prosecuted several actors about their engagement with a foreign power.
Now, HOLLYWOOD is against TRUMP but maybe not so much against PUTIN. The anti-TRUMP movement is not so much motivated to organize negotiations. Maybe TRUMP like adversaries like them to use this dispute to be more severe.

The pro-Russia Donald TRUMP is unable to calm down the situation as he does not want to improve the profession of the actors. As the star of the 2000′s reality show THE APPRENTICE, he got more fame and co-produce now the NEW APPRENTICE with Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER as the Host. The new President is also known for his daily tweets thanks to TWITTER that said his account would be cancelled because insulting the readers.

Obviously, he is the bad choice. Too many reasons explain it and Hillary CLINTON must have a second chance to be elected President, if she wants it, otherwise other candidates. Donald is dysfunctional and creating a fear about the future of the Presidency that the population does not want a dictatorship or a permanent dispute location.

4. The candidacy of Mike FULLER means he’s the SHADOW PRESIDENT.

No Blacklisting against the author of FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY. 

I was registered as a Write-In Presidential candidate by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) but I never attracted a journalist in California or in another State of the Union. I am a screenwriter in HOLLYWOOD and I must have been the victim of a blackout, that is not legal, until now.
My film projects since 2006 were written by Frederic VIDAL and developed by me. The GERMAN SPY IV is the first 2017 synopsis after a lot of others. Each time, it has been impossible to organize a team in HOLLYWOOD, certainly because the political chaos there.

Frederic VIDAL was candidate for the US Senate in 2010 as a Wrtte-In but his candidacy was strangely refused by the State of California. I, Mike FULLER, I preferred to be careful and to propose to the People of our Country to be their SAHDOW PRESIDENT in September 2016 when I saw I could not be elected this time. I think that nobody refused.

It is all about doing like in Great Britain where there a Cabinet with a Prime minister and a Shadow Cabinet composed by the Opposition to replace the Majority after the next election. It is an important tradition of democracy in the UK and in the States, this concept of Shadow President can be useful and used more and more.

I am about to be the founder of a nonprofit AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT (ACD) to configure a possible Secretary of the Arts we need so much to help the artists and their art (music, paintings, feature films, novels). For my Shadow Presidency, I will be in charge of this structure to be the center of a NEW PROPOSITION: After TRUMP, FULLER to change and reinforce our Civilization with Conservatism and Liberalism.

I have for the Russians the initiative of NO NUKES agreement: let us finish this Cold War definitely. No more nuclear missiles to be built and let us disconnect all the Nukes that are operational in the United States, even if they don’t do the same. We will be more powerful than them because PEACE IS THE BEST WEAPON. First, Donald TRUMP who said there will be a lot more nuclear arms must resign because he is Kremlin dependent (PUTIN said the same in December, the same day).

5. Frederic VIDAL reminder (1959-2016)

Frederic VIDAL immigrated in America in 2003.He got the US citizenship in 2006 after he joined the Screen Actors Guild in 2005 and created his LLC to produce films.
Unfortunately, after his divorce with his wife Candice JOHNSON, he was not able to socialize with another woman. Obviously, he has been the victim of a blacklisting and a segregation involving WASHINGTON and HOLLYWOOD.

Born in 1959 in Nice, France, in a family from the Principality of MONACO, Frederic VIDAL was not appreciated by the previously HOLLYWOOD actress Grace KELLY, now the Princess.
At that time, in 1959, Ronald REAGAN was President of the Screen Actors Guild and Dwight EISENHOWER was the President of the United States. The Vietnam War began this year.
When he came back from France October 16, 2015 after 4 years of mourning of his aunt, his last family, and the confirmation this Country did not want him, he had the project to be an US Presidential candidate who could win the Presidential election.

Frederic VIDAL checked how much there was a boycott of his career that was including music and movie since his Punk band BRAMSTOCKER refused in Paris by the record labels in 1977-78.
In 2015 and 2016, he never found people to participate in his campaign. Consequently, he decided to wait for a better time and to join the homeless community managed by a network of shelters nationwide. He left April 16 of last year, replaced by two other great names he introduced previously in his great intellectual universe that was his property: Mike FULLER and Thomas SPEARS.

Previously in 2011, he was obliged to sale his house in Hollywoodland after a slander that the painting on the walls was toxic! In 2007, the actress Samantha LOCKWOOD, daughter of the veteran Gary LOCKWOOD (2001, a Space Odyssey), decided not to continue her relationship with him, cancelling her role in the film FRENCH COP. In 2009, Frederic VIDAL tried to propose the part to Blake LIVELY, the actress of the TV show GOSSIP GIRL. She and her agent never replied.
Frederic VIDAL is now a comic book and movie hero only. His legend will never stop. He is the MAN FROM 25, a friend of the MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES another great character of the Eventually TIMefraMES universe and the Legendary BrAmStOcKeR environment to be commercialized by me, Mike FULLER this year 2017.


The Russia was, from the beginning, a guest in the context of Frederic, since the 1960’s. They never showed their agreement to upgrade the young boy who was scheduled a little to be a film actor in Paris. After the failure of his Punk rock band, he was all at once student of a prestigious school of political science in Paris (Institut d'etudes politiques) and got the degree.

The Russians probably organized a networking to prevent him to be a politician in France. He was the President of the Young Republicans (Rassemblement des Jeunes Republicans), a club in Nice following and promoting the Mayor Jacques MEDECIN, for his re-election in 1983. This Mayor was in jails, like the first singer of BRAMSTOCKER, before to relocate in South America.

On the contrary, Frederic VIDAL was invited by the French State to be a Civil Servant, from 1987 to 2002, at the Caisse des depots et consignations, the Bank of the Governement that unfortunately received the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis during the occupation of France by the Germans. He was a part of the studies about this file (1997-99) before to negotiate his move to the United States.
He was born 20 years after the beginning of World War II and the Nazi Germany was possibly one reason why the Soviet Union did not accept the newcomer Frederic VIDAL, after France, in the United States. His father Ignacio VIDAL was a Spanish painter who left Spain during the Civil War against the General FRANCO. In Nice before to be a MONACO resident, he was interviewed several times by the GESTAPO that could have been using him as a protégé of the IIIrd Reich.

Frederic VIDAL liked the Russians and never criticized Moscow except about the fact this Country has not the right to disturb the United States at all. Born at the end of the Cold War, he was favorable to the détente between the 2 super-power but he was not totally involved in the No Nukes wave of Pacifism.

I, Mike FULLER, thinks he was not a naïve fellow but a great leader of the alternate culture that is the main part of the Internet’s social media. He was refused by the US because BUSH, OBAMA, CLINTON and already TRUMP were against his liberty of expression, accusing his blog to be terrorist maybe and himself to evil more than crazy. This was ridiculous but now, I repeat that his exclusion of the Presidential election is one of the reasons why this election must be cancelled by the US Supreme Court, sooner or later.

Without him, it was like the American subculture, important in the campaigns, without its pope and the TRUMP disorder started, VIDAL’s confidential fans (the repression against him never stopped since 1959 and increased since 2003) attacked his new fake friend (Frederic supported Donald in the 1990’s and inspired his candidacy with me before to be refused by the billionaire, a pro-Russian fanatic more than an eclectic American).

dimanche 15 janvier 2017

SLANDER Against FULLER By TRUMP: We are not a Nazi Germany or a Soviet Russia!

First diffusion on Wordpress

After A 1st Interview By The GUARDIAN, A Last US Press Release And Conference Before Lawsuit Against Donald TRUMP For SLANDER.

Picture from:
The new partner of Thomas SPEARS is the grand-daughter of her. MF on Facebook.

Press Release

BRAMSTOCKER invites Jessie ANDREWS  to be featured with Thomas SPEARS in the GUARDIAN.

This press release is also available at:

It’s my new name. I am late Frederic VIDAL, Mike FULLER, Fred KELLY, Vince SAUVAN but I want in 2017 to be called Thomas SPEARS. Take it or leave it. I am the successor of Sid VICIOUS except for the Heroin, mine is Jessie ANDREWS and together we will get the legalization of Cocaine but only in A FILM: GERMAN SPY IV.

BRAMSTOCKER on TIMefraMES Records for THE EXORCIST OF FRANCE (this Country was the Devil).

My punk years were my real American Dream. Now, I am Fred KELLY and I release this song for William Peter BLATTY death and my love of SUPERNATURAL. FRANCE deserves the worst sometimes and I am certain they will appreciate this idea they are like the devil for the United States. I just nee a little time to write the lyrics and compose the music because I am not a songwriter known for his sales.

We, the People, vote for the GERMAN SPY, a Nazi Regime in America in 2021.

My film project the most political is now available on my blog. It is the second part of GERMAN SPY III, my first semi-fictional synopsis about Thomas SPEARS and Mata HARI Jr. in the future but the woman is not the same. The wife of Silence, the nickname of Mr. SPEARS could not accept the invitation of the Martians to travel in time until 2016. She preferred to stay in the 1936’s waiting for him to come back or never mind. SPEARS also is not the same. In the XXIst century, he has a new body when he arrives on time but in fact too early. The real appointment was in 2019. So, only his mind is on location, welcomed by the screenwriter of his film.

Jessie ANDREWS, my Yoko and my Linda must quit the Porn and join my Comic Book. MAN FROM 25, a franchise for Wall Street.

The computer of 2001, Space Odyssey, is the best example of the results of the talent of the human race for progression of their culture and their science. Fortunately, I invited this “machine” in my franchise MAN FROM 25 to have a guest that can be the finest leader of a team. The stock market will enjoy this idea to have the masterpiece of KUBRICK in a crossover with Frederic VIDAL adventures in the American teenage culture. The French native super hero who is now US Citizen stays the same than before. His only WOMAN is a charming and troubling one who is known to be not a sorcerer but an Angel. Himself, he has this passion for his “personal computer” that created his wife’s program (because they are married!) and the obligation to stay immortal. He looks so young, in the cartoon now only. They left Earth forever and are nowhere else than in his comic book, Jessie ANDREWS.

Mike FULLER in the GUARDIAN about the slander he is EVIL.

Mike FULLER is from another dimension. He is VIDAL alter ego and VIDAL was his lawyer. Since 2015, there is this terrible campaign in America TO GET THE PRESIDENCY. It is not finish and it will never been finished. Why is it so tough to be in the newspapers and the magazines in the 10’s? We are far away and no rules are enough to be fair. FULLER will be the next President certainly after TRUMP. TRUMP is a billionaire, FULLER is a Hollywood celebrity! It is the irony, the irony that explains why since the Ancient Times, there was always this battle between the right and the left. The slander was a poison for Mike, attacked by Donald who did not hurt him too much but a confusion was the consequence of it. After a long while, The GUARDIAN was the first newspaper to propose an interview to the victim, friend of KELLY, SPEARS, SAUVAN (the FRENCH COP, also included in the franchise) and Frederic.

End of press release

mercredi 4 janvier 2017

STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!

STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!

Original text published on Wordpress January 1, 2017,
after the synopsis of GERMAN SPY IV, December 30:

GERMAN SPY IV: The Business Plan For The New Year With Debbie REYNOLDS, Our American Dream Ambassador In Heaven Who Will Give Us Luck!

GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic VIDAL And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

GERMAN SPY IV (Part 2): MATA HARI JR., First Lady At The White House. It’s Possible Thanks To TIMefraMES And Her Funny Husband, Silence Thomas SPEARS, For 4 Years Of Anti-Nazism Revival With ISRAEL To Promote!

This Business Plan by Fred KELLY was also published on:

GERMAN SPY IV: This Time, FULLER And SPEARS Are About To Win For Real! The Presidency And Movie Stardom Will ERASE THEIR ENEMIES (TRUMP Jurisprudence) And The Film Will Be Featured!

Eddie FISHER married Debbie REYNOLDS in 1955 and Once upon a time: Carrie! They divorced in 1959 and Once upon a time: Frederic! (for the GERMAN SPY IV Synopsis)

Carrie FISHER et Frederic VIDAL: ca n'aurait pas ete une blague en 1977 si les Americains n'avaient pas refuse sechement ce projet de couple voulu par les parents dans les annees 50 et par la suite!

Carrie FISHER et Frederic VIDAL: ca n'aurait pas ete une blague en 1977 si les Americains n'avaient pas refuse sechement ce projet de couple voulu par les parents dans les annees 50 et par la suite!

Pour SKYROCK, diffusion du business plan par Fred KELLY de l'ensemble du Dispositif culturel du SHADOW PRESIDENT qui fait trembler Donald TRUMP, le grand et unique Mike FULLER, seconde par Thomas SPEARS lui-meme alors que Frederic VIDAL a ete rejoint par Carrie FISHER dans l'au dela des stars sacrifies pour la gloire des autres.

Illustration: Carrie FISHER, la regrettee actrice americaine qui auait pu interpreter le role de MATA HARI JR. dans GERMAN SPY si le film avait ete tourney au XXe siècle.

Nous recommendons la lecture du livre THE PRINCESS DIRARIST pour les amateurs de Frederic VIDAL et de Carruie FISHER. Les deux auraient pu faire un couple si leur planete Terre avait ete plusaccueillante envers, non pas les amoureux, mais les homes et les femmes qui souhaitent etre heureux ensemble quand leurs parent ont organise de les rapprocher depuis longtemps. Grace KELLY et Debbie ANDREWS

The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher's intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous film sets of all time, the first Star Wars movie.  Named a PEOPLE Magazine Best Book of Fall 2016.

Picture from:
From the beginning. Frederic Vidal was a great man looking for a smart woman. It is obvious that it could have been Carrie FISHER and it is scandalous how much the American authorities were already preventing this couple to become a reality. This is under investigation in 2017 as Carrie and Frederic left us forever. Who killed them if there were murders? The Society was not fair with these 2 stars but VIDAL was UNKNOWN IN THE MEDIAS and Mike FULLER, his secretary at that time is promoting a BREAKTHROUGH for him and his sponsor that is difficult but IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP even if the politicians don't like it and are organizing more and more his isolation. Carrie FISHER would have been MATA HARI JR., the wife of Thomas SPEARS on the big screen according to FULLER who starts the complete production of GERMAN SPY IV with a Hollywood hostile probably and the United States refusing to support his Shadow Presidency but TRUMP, the President who is not accepted by millions of voters, is weak and fragile and George MICHAEL suspect death for Christmas is a message confirming FULLER will be SPEARS, thanks to Fred KELLY who signs this:


San Francisco, January 1st, 2017

No Mike FULLER in Hollywood! No Mike FULLER in Washington! In 2017, it is the 10th anniversary of the postponement of the first FRENCH COP film. We need one more year to start the production of FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN and GERMAN SPY SPY: 2020. The two movies will first inspire VIDEOGAMES, one about the third mission of Vince SAUVAN and Patricia HUNTER, the couple of the FRENCH COP team, DARKPOL in Japan this time, with Karate fights and UFO travel outside the solar system.

We can expect a FIGURINES INVASION of the two characters and their enemies wit also a COMIC BOOK, published monthly, and a Graphic Novel signed by a major name of this art of our subculture that is so successful in the movie industry.

About the GERMAN SPY, the second main story written by Mike FULLER after he understood the United States were not ready for the FRENCH COP, we can appreciate the quality of the historic saga of PERIOD MOVIES. The writing of the first episode was in December 2007 and January 2008. Like for the COP, the SPY did not attract at that time the financing that was necessary to produce a feature film. This time, for the fourth episode like for the third episode of the FRENCH COP (a great idea to shoot first the UPDATE of the original series called the sequels). there will be WALL STREET directly involved in the FUNDRAISING thanks to the creation of a Corporation, to be created this year.

GERMAN SPY, it’s also a wonderful couple of action heroes, Silence Thomas SPEARS and his pretty wife MATA HARI JR. The videogame will show them managing the White House in 2021 after the election of the German Spy. Air Force One trips and competition with the origins of the IIIrd Reich in Germany will be in the videogames, the most spectacular scenes. Figurines, comic book, posters and a ROLE PLAY will follow the film that will be produced by the Wall Street corporation.
But before all, there must be a business plan to be released for the Spring. It’s very important to know the market and the study that was wrong in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We must be sure there was nothing wrong to prevent our intellectual property, our TIMefraMES universe (name of our LLC at that time), TO PREVAIL financially, commercially and culturally. If there have been a miscommunication between Mike FULLER and people of the Hollywood context, it can be solved this year, a campaign of PUBLIC RELATIONS explaining to everybody in the film industry, FULLER is a professional, a NEWCOMER LIKE A VETERAN thanks to his PhD and his motivation. He’s not at all a WANNABE, it would be SLANDER to compare him negatively because he’s also SHADOW PRESIDENT, advising the Nation about Government.

HOLLYWOOD and WASHINGTON must support us, me, Fred KELLY, the actor to play SPEARS and SAUVAN and my producer and manager, Mike FULLER. There is a crisis of civilization right now, he said, during his Presidential candidacy in 2016. We have to REINFORCE our Society, our Economy TO STAY the United States and to change enough to move to the next step ASAP with an amendment of the Constitution.

It is possible in America to shoot Feature Films inspired by a political message. IT COULD BE THE CASE MORE OFTEN. We like Conservatism, Liberalism and we want the Modernization of our Nation: THE BEST IS TO SAY IT IN FILMS.

Last year, after Mike FULLER celebrated the birthday of our late previous leader and legendary brand of our team of VIP names: Frederic VIDAL on September 10, continuing to BUILD OUR BRIDGE TO THE SUCCESS, three months later in the same City of OAKLAND where he was for only one day, a terrible FIRE killed 36 persons, DJs, painters and other artists in a WAREHOUSE that must have been connected to the OAKLAND ART MUSEUM he visited in the afternoon.
What does that mean? It is superstition to see the two events tied. We would have like to socialize with these alternate artists BUT WE DID NOT SEE THEM AT THAT TIME. The two films and their merchandising will be dedicated for them and also the soundtrack by my Punk band BrAmStOcKeR as I’m so proud to be also a lead singer and a songwriter.

There must be a nice networking around us and our films. WE HAVE ALSO OUR FAMILIES and we would not like to have a problem because VIOLENCE could be used against us or, more than that, BOYCOTT that is the equivalent of a STRIKE against a PRODUCT or a FRANCHISE.
Frederic VIDAL was the equivalent of Stan LEE and George LUCAS when he began in 2006 before to get his American citizenship in 2006. Ten years later, he left us, following BOWIE to other dimensions after death, LIFE GOES ON IT.

We are going to conclude this letter, me and Mike FULLER, associating VIDAL and even BOWIE by repeating WE STUDY WHAT IS WRONG AND WHAT IS RIGHT. We were never delinquent, our reputation must be excellent giving us the best conditions to CONCLUDE for the decade’s end our beautiful project to film FICTIONS inside REALITIES. We must fight the past to discover the future that is favorable to our plans. We invited the American Authorities (FBI, Homeland Security) to support our film preparation and we are sure WE WILL HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR together, from January to December, during 52 weeks of positive networking excluding the bad vibs of our ENEMIES, not only President-Elected Donald TRUMP is acknowledging in a New Year’s eve Tweet he has enemies. ARE THEY THE SAME?

Let’s start the investigation with a social trial: DO YOU LIKE OR NOT THE FRRENCH COP AND THE GERMAN SPY? If not, think it’s maybe because one told you to refuse them. CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Sincerely yours,


Postscript. In France, original Country of our enterprise since 1959 (VIDAL’S birth) and 1977 (my Punk breakthrough), we send our message of partnership for our science fiction and thriller Franchise. To be famous and celebrating the French and German culture: we were always indie and we will never be the huge like Coca-Cola. Consequently, Washington, DC has to accept its LUCK TO HAVE A FILMMAKER THAT COULD BE PRESIDENT.