jeudi 22 septembre 2016

My Letter To Marco RUBIO Is Simply Historic! Mike FULLER, Selected President 2016.

In God we trust, in America and I must acknowledge I believe in Jesus too. Not like the others, he was a supreme being. After all, I will be in the District of Columbia soon enough to be on location in Washington to organize better this whole thing, meaning a mess that will not happen, chaos is bad.

Hello from San Jose Senator RUBIO

and I know we follow each other on the Social Media. You must be busy with your campaign for the Senate. Our friend Eric CANTOR was the victim of these difficult re-election process for everybody. Anyway, it is not the most important today as we are together in a Country changing too fast partly and staying too low wrongly. I have my mind still connected to the 1950’s and President General Dwight Eisenhower is our guest more than ever like a Republican to the others.

There won’t be a 2nd Republican candidate this November. I said at the Cleveland Convention my candidacy would be an indie 1, to attract I would say, LIBERAL votes. It’s what we need. The other candidates, they are doing well, we must stay quiet about them, to criticize is a gift not to use too much. TRUMP is our man in touch with HILLARY, us we have another duty. I mean, if you are welcomed to my project, I think so as you are famous for your great inspiration and leadership of the GOP and Florida of the Hispanic community and all communities reunited.

On a blog I have all my texts ready for you and your staff I have this invitation to confirm after my letter of the 13, for you to be my Vice-President if we are elected: all the candidates must have in mind this possibility that is also an objective, crucial and so obviously the very first one. Democracy was born in Athens in the Ancient Times, a long time ago. Nowadays, routine is creating a sad buzz corruption would erased little by little our liberties, basically. I can’t accept it’s true. Our Ticket could fight that, shows nothing’s possible, so no dictatorship on its way.
With my PhD, my program to be President (since 13) and 10 years of networking on the Web with thousands of friends, supporters and followers who are wonderful persons lie campaign workers of the New Age, I remember the Flower Power of the 1960’s to repeat that the present crisis in America in 16 started in 8 and is, before all, social and cultural, having bad vibs to reduce our economy (the business more than the industry.

With our ticket FULLER RUBIO, that will be featured in a few days from A to Z in the States, if you say yes to this challenge compatible with the Republican Party Donald TRUMP choice as the Cleveland Status Quo accepted an alternate expression from the GOP outside, I will conclude by telling you how much this US crisis can be stopped by Minorities improvement (like the Latinos) and Counterculture (or sub) empowerment:

HOLLYWOOD is not the same. Science Fiction (Sci Fi) is 100% of the movies almost, the main ones, like 2001 that was in the minority. It means this is a new deal of massive questions to manage for the replies to be found by the Presidency and Congress. I exaggerate a littles, Sci Fi is not alone, I am myself author of movie stories of this style. The human trafficking is a plague that can attack them in LA. We have these arts (films, music, comics, games) of the young to be sure that could help to socialize our Country financing, I mean poverty.

This is a draft, just my letter to you, not a speech, you have the idea. Actress Jennifer LAWRENCE new movie, PASSENGERS, in the theaters, is the sign, America has always NEW NAMES to be #1. Who knew Jennifer a couple of years ago? And now she’s the symbol of the great Charles Chaplin industry. These people, they are formidable, they deserve to be more invited at the White House by us, if we are there!! I have so many more things to tell you. I will wait until I can meet you. I am in San Jose, California, heart of the Silicon Valley. It’s not too late for a campaign, the 4 last weeks are so important by themselves, you know.

Let’s continue to communicate. No reply from you is be cause so busy you are, since the primaries.

My time is yours.



POSTSCRIPT. We are not in a hurry Senator Marco RUBIO. We are on time. We had to listen and follow the Donald TRUMP campaign before to accept or to refuse. Frankly speaking, you must be like me, OVERDOSED by so much talent for VEGAS more than for the WHITE HOUSE. By networking together, we will show that the Republicans are not A FAN CLUB OF A BILLIONAIRE. By finalizing our double candidacy until the end, we will be more than brilliant, CHAMPIONS OF A NEW STYLE.
This election will be played IN THE LAST FEW DAYS. No polls to see that!! HUGE QUESTIONS OF DARK MATTERS: ISIS outside, CHARLOTTE inside and more everyday (Hillary sickness, Donald fraud) about 2 persons who are not so welcomed: there is a Route for us, not the 66 or the 99, too historic, just, I will say, the 45: after war, United Nations and YALTA.

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