mardi 11 octobre 2016

The Famous EMAIL From Mike FULLER To Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman Of Republican National Committee, Makes The Difference!

Email from mike.fuller@mail.comsent at 3:14 PM PT on Monday.

From Fisherman Wharf, San Francisco, CA. Sunday, October 9, 2016.

Attn: Reince PRIEBUS, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Hello Reince, Mr. Chairman:

I'm writing you this email at the end of the Fleet Week, here in San Francisco, after a last passage of the BLUE ANGELS, the flight demonstration Squadron of the US Navy.

 You know I am a Presidential candidate, registered with the FEC since June. Songwriter, previously civil servant for 15 years, from France, Europe, I immigrated in 2003, became citizen in 2006 but my new profession, filmmaker, obliged me to wait for a while and to quit the Hollywood Hills.

With a PhD in communication studies and an important degree in Political Science, I participate in the campaign since I came back from Nice, October 16, 2015 when I stayed 4 years after the death of my old aunt my last family in Europe.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I have been able to write on my blog created in 2009 on Wordpress my entire program on dozens of posts, commenting the news on a daily basis. Now that the TRUMP candidacy is at its worst, I am more than ever ready to run for the Republican Party as I selected Senator Marco RUBIO to be on my Ticket as Vice-President candidate.

I am volunteer to occupy the Oval Office for the next 4 years as a Republican with a New Look against the controversial candidate who is wrong and create an overdose of jerk.

 If I am an apprentice, I am nevertheless sure that we must respect the Primaries message: WE, THE PEOPLE, the voters want something new. So I am and you can send me a flight ticket for more discussion because there is this tempest on US politics and we must take care and be fast.

Basically, I feel like the continuator of Lafayette partnership with Washington when I'm writing it: WE MUST REINFORCE OUR CIVILIZATION. It's explained on my site: we need a change but the best has to stay. Conservatism and liberalism must inspire us together for the modernization of the Country to carry on.

A lot of Republican leaders said NO to the eccentric Donald TRUMP who diffuses a bad mood after his lack of respect about what is the most important in a population, WOMEN. We cannot accept that.

By being the second candidate UNOFFICIAL but not anymore OFF THE RECORD, we can organize our victory a new way against another person who is also controversial (emails), Hillary CLINTON. We don't want burlesque situation American Politics anymore. I'm the only one capable to stop that, being myself a guest NEVER 2 WITHOUT 3.

Your other possible candidates will not decide to run now, it's too late and why one and not another? I, it's the contrary, I prepare since January this situation, when I understood It would not be possible to go to Desmoines, Iowa for the Caucuses. Something went wrong in this Presidential election, we'll study what. For now, we have a chance to get the White House with the strategy I'm proposing you.
I can't wait meeting you in Washington. We have 4 weeks and that's enough. You won't be disappointed by my presentation. I was never on TV yet or in the newspapers but I AM A PRO!

Sincerely yours,

Mike FULLER alias frederic vidal previously


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