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STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!

STAR WARS And SEX PISTOLS: It Was The Same Year (1977) With Frederic VIDAL And Carrie FISHER Love Story Worldwide, Prosecuted As Usual By The Authorities Of The States And The Show Biz!

Original text published on Wordpress January 1, 2017,
after the synopsis of GERMAN SPY IV, December 30:

GERMAN SPY IV: The Business Plan For The New Year With Debbie REYNOLDS, Our American Dream Ambassador In Heaven Who Will Give Us Luck!

GERMAN SPY IV (Part 1): Silence Thomas SPEARS II, US President In 2020 Because Mike FULLER Wants To Share The Power With A Semi-Fictional Character Created By Frederic VIDAL And To Be Played By Fred KELLY For The Cinema! The SYNOPSIS Before The SCRIPT!

GERMAN SPY IV (Part 2): MATA HARI JR., First Lady At The White House. It’s Possible Thanks To TIMefraMES And Her Funny Husband, Silence Thomas SPEARS, For 4 Years Of Anti-Nazism Revival With ISRAEL To Promote!

This Business Plan by Fred KELLY was also published on:

GERMAN SPY IV: This Time, FULLER And SPEARS Are About To Win For Real! The Presidency And Movie Stardom Will ERASE THEIR ENEMIES (TRUMP Jurisprudence) And The Film Will Be Featured!

Eddie FISHER married Debbie REYNOLDS in 1955 and Once upon a time: Carrie! They divorced in 1959 and Once upon a time: Frederic! (for the GERMAN SPY IV Synopsis)

Carrie FISHER et Frederic VIDAL: ca n'aurait pas ete une blague en 1977 si les Americains n'avaient pas refuse sechement ce projet de couple voulu par les parents dans les annees 50 et par la suite!

Carrie FISHER et Frederic VIDAL: ca n'aurait pas ete une blague en 1977 si les Americains n'avaient pas refuse sechement ce projet de couple voulu par les parents dans les annees 50 et par la suite!

Pour SKYROCK, diffusion du business plan par Fred KELLY de l'ensemble du Dispositif culturel du SHADOW PRESIDENT qui fait trembler Donald TRUMP, le grand et unique Mike FULLER, seconde par Thomas SPEARS lui-meme alors que Frederic VIDAL a ete rejoint par Carrie FISHER dans l'au dela des stars sacrifies pour la gloire des autres.

Illustration: Carrie FISHER, la regrettee actrice americaine qui auait pu interpreter le role de MATA HARI JR. dans GERMAN SPY si le film avait ete tourney au XXe siècle.

Nous recommendons la lecture du livre THE PRINCESS DIRARIST pour les amateurs de Frederic VIDAL et de Carruie FISHER. Les deux auraient pu faire un couple si leur planete Terre avait ete plusaccueillante envers, non pas les amoureux, mais les homes et les femmes qui souhaitent etre heureux ensemble quand leurs parent ont organise de les rapprocher depuis longtemps. Grace KELLY et Debbie ANDREWS

The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher's intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous film sets of all time, the first Star Wars movie.  Named a PEOPLE Magazine Best Book of Fall 2016.

Picture from:
From the beginning. Frederic Vidal was a great man looking for a smart woman. It is obvious that it could have been Carrie FISHER and it is scandalous how much the American authorities were already preventing this couple to become a reality. This is under investigation in 2017 as Carrie and Frederic left us forever. Who killed them if there were murders? The Society was not fair with these 2 stars but VIDAL was UNKNOWN IN THE MEDIAS and Mike FULLER, his secretary at that time is promoting a BREAKTHROUGH for him and his sponsor that is difficult but IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP even if the politicians don't like it and are organizing more and more his isolation. Carrie FISHER would have been MATA HARI JR., the wife of Thomas SPEARS on the big screen according to FULLER who starts the complete production of GERMAN SPY IV with a Hollywood hostile probably and the United States refusing to support his Shadow Presidency but TRUMP, the President who is not accepted by millions of voters, is weak and fragile and George MICHAEL suspect death for Christmas is a message confirming FULLER will be SPEARS, thanks to Fred KELLY who signs this:


San Francisco, January 1st, 2017

No Mike FULLER in Hollywood! No Mike FULLER in Washington! In 2017, it is the 10th anniversary of the postponement of the first FRENCH COP film. We need one more year to start the production of FRENCH COP 3: WIN WIN and GERMAN SPY SPY: 2020. The two movies will first inspire VIDEOGAMES, one about the third mission of Vince SAUVAN and Patricia HUNTER, the couple of the FRENCH COP team, DARKPOL in Japan this time, with Karate fights and UFO travel outside the solar system.

We can expect a FIGURINES INVASION of the two characters and their enemies wit also a COMIC BOOK, published monthly, and a Graphic Novel signed by a major name of this art of our subculture that is so successful in the movie industry.

About the GERMAN SPY, the second main story written by Mike FULLER after he understood the United States were not ready for the FRENCH COP, we can appreciate the quality of the historic saga of PERIOD MOVIES. The writing of the first episode was in December 2007 and January 2008. Like for the COP, the SPY did not attract at that time the financing that was necessary to produce a feature film. This time, for the fourth episode like for the third episode of the FRENCH COP (a great idea to shoot first the UPDATE of the original series called the sequels). there will be WALL STREET directly involved in the FUNDRAISING thanks to the creation of a Corporation, to be created this year.

GERMAN SPY, it’s also a wonderful couple of action heroes, Silence Thomas SPEARS and his pretty wife MATA HARI JR. The videogame will show them managing the White House in 2021 after the election of the German Spy. Air Force One trips and competition with the origins of the IIIrd Reich in Germany will be in the videogames, the most spectacular scenes. Figurines, comic book, posters and a ROLE PLAY will follow the film that will be produced by the Wall Street corporation.
But before all, there must be a business plan to be released for the Spring. It’s very important to know the market and the study that was wrong in 2006, 2007 and 2008. We must be sure there was nothing wrong to prevent our intellectual property, our TIMefraMES universe (name of our LLC at that time), TO PREVAIL financially, commercially and culturally. If there have been a miscommunication between Mike FULLER and people of the Hollywood context, it can be solved this year, a campaign of PUBLIC RELATIONS explaining to everybody in the film industry, FULLER is a professional, a NEWCOMER LIKE A VETERAN thanks to his PhD and his motivation. He’s not at all a WANNABE, it would be SLANDER to compare him negatively because he’s also SHADOW PRESIDENT, advising the Nation about Government.

HOLLYWOOD and WASHINGTON must support us, me, Fred KELLY, the actor to play SPEARS and SAUVAN and my producer and manager, Mike FULLER. There is a crisis of civilization right now, he said, during his Presidential candidacy in 2016. We have to REINFORCE our Society, our Economy TO STAY the United States and to change enough to move to the next step ASAP with an amendment of the Constitution.

It is possible in America to shoot Feature Films inspired by a political message. IT COULD BE THE CASE MORE OFTEN. We like Conservatism, Liberalism and we want the Modernization of our Nation: THE BEST IS TO SAY IT IN FILMS.

Last year, after Mike FULLER celebrated the birthday of our late previous leader and legendary brand of our team of VIP names: Frederic VIDAL on September 10, continuing to BUILD OUR BRIDGE TO THE SUCCESS, three months later in the same City of OAKLAND where he was for only one day, a terrible FIRE killed 36 persons, DJs, painters and other artists in a WAREHOUSE that must have been connected to the OAKLAND ART MUSEUM he visited in the afternoon.
What does that mean? It is superstition to see the two events tied. We would have like to socialize with these alternate artists BUT WE DID NOT SEE THEM AT THAT TIME. The two films and their merchandising will be dedicated for them and also the soundtrack by my Punk band BrAmStOcKeR as I’m so proud to be also a lead singer and a songwriter.

There must be a nice networking around us and our films. WE HAVE ALSO OUR FAMILIES and we would not like to have a problem because VIOLENCE could be used against us or, more than that, BOYCOTT that is the equivalent of a STRIKE against a PRODUCT or a FRANCHISE.
Frederic VIDAL was the equivalent of Stan LEE and George LUCAS when he began in 2006 before to get his American citizenship in 2006. Ten years later, he left us, following BOWIE to other dimensions after death, LIFE GOES ON IT.

We are going to conclude this letter, me and Mike FULLER, associating VIDAL and even BOWIE by repeating WE STUDY WHAT IS WRONG AND WHAT IS RIGHT. We were never delinquent, our reputation must be excellent giving us the best conditions to CONCLUDE for the decade’s end our beautiful project to film FICTIONS inside REALITIES. We must fight the past to discover the future that is favorable to our plans. We invited the American Authorities (FBI, Homeland Security) to support our film preparation and we are sure WE WILL HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR together, from January to December, during 52 weeks of positive networking excluding the bad vibs of our ENEMIES, not only President-Elected Donald TRUMP is acknowledging in a New Year’s eve Tweet he has enemies. ARE THEY THE SAME?

Let’s start the investigation with a social trial: DO YOU LIKE OR NOT THE FRRENCH COP AND THE GERMAN SPY? If not, think it’s maybe because one told you to refuse them. CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Sincerely yours,


Postscript. In France, original Country of our enterprise since 1959 (VIDAL’S birth) and 1977 (my Punk breakthrough), we send our message of partnership for our science fiction and thriller Franchise. To be famous and celebrating the French and German culture: we were always indie and we will never be the huge like Coca-Cola. Consequently, Washington, DC has to accept its LUCK TO HAVE A FILMMAKER THAT COULD BE PRESIDENT.

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