dimanche 15 janvier 2017

SLANDER Against FULLER By TRUMP: We are not a Nazi Germany or a Soviet Russia!

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After A 1st Interview By The GUARDIAN, A Last US Press Release And Conference Before Lawsuit Against Donald TRUMP For SLANDER.

Picture from: http://mashable.com/2016/04/01/mata-hari/
The new partner of Thomas SPEARS is the grand-daughter of her. MF on Facebook.

Press Release

BRAMSTOCKER invites Jessie ANDREWS  to be featured with Thomas SPEARS in the GUARDIAN.

This press release is also available at:


It’s my new name. I am late Frederic VIDAL, Mike FULLER, Fred KELLY, Vince SAUVAN but I want in 2017 to be called Thomas SPEARS. Take it or leave it. I am the successor of Sid VICIOUS except for the Heroin, mine is Jessie ANDREWS and together we will get the legalization of Cocaine but only in A FILM: GERMAN SPY IV.

BRAMSTOCKER on TIMefraMES Records for THE EXORCIST OF FRANCE (this Country was the Devil).

My punk years were my real American Dream. Now, I am Fred KELLY and I release this song for William Peter BLATTY death and my love of SUPERNATURAL. FRANCE deserves the worst sometimes and I am certain they will appreciate this idea they are like the devil for the United States. I just nee a little time to write the lyrics and compose the music because I am not a songwriter known for his sales.


We, the People, vote for the GERMAN SPY, a Nazi Regime in America in 2021.

My film project the most political is now available on my blog. It is the second part of GERMAN SPY III, my first semi-fictional synopsis about Thomas SPEARS and Mata HARI Jr. in the future but the woman is not the same. The wife of Silence, the nickname of Mr. SPEARS could not accept the invitation of the Martians to travel in time until 2016. She preferred to stay in the 1936’s waiting for him to come back or never mind. SPEARS also is not the same. In the XXIst century, he has a new body when he arrives on time but in fact too early. The real appointment was in 2019. So, only his mind is on location, welcomed by the screenwriter of his film.


Jessie ANDREWS, my Yoko and my Linda must quit the Porn and join my Comic Book. MAN FROM 25, a franchise for Wall Street.

The computer of 2001, Space Odyssey, is the best example of the results of the talent of the human race for progression of their culture and their science. Fortunately, I invited this “machine” in my franchise MAN FROM 25 to have a guest that can be the finest leader of a team. The stock market will enjoy this idea to have the masterpiece of KUBRICK in a crossover with Frederic VIDAL adventures in the American teenage culture. The French native super hero who is now US Citizen stays the same than before. His only WOMAN is a charming and troubling one who is known to be not a sorcerer but an Angel. Himself, he has this passion for his “personal computer” that created his wife’s program (because they are married!) and the obligation to stay immortal. He looks so young, in the cartoon now only. They left Earth forever and are nowhere else than in his comic book, Jessie ANDREWS.

Mike FULLER in the GUARDIAN about the slander he is EVIL.

Mike FULLER is from another dimension. He is VIDAL alter ego and VIDAL was his lawyer. Since 2015, there is this terrible campaign in America TO GET THE PRESIDENCY. It is not finish and it will never been finished. Why is it so tough to be in the newspapers and the magazines in the 10’s? We are far away and no rules are enough to be fair. FULLER will be the next President certainly after TRUMP. TRUMP is a billionaire, FULLER is a Hollywood celebrity! It is the irony, the irony that explains why since the Ancient Times, there was always this battle between the right and the left. The slander was a poison for Mike, attacked by Donald who did not hurt him too much but a confusion was the consequence of it. After a long while, The GUARDIAN was the first newspaper to propose an interview to the victim, friend of KELLY, SPEARS, SAUVAN (the FRENCH COP, also included in the franchise) and Frederic.

End of press release

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