dimanche 4 juin 2017

Letter of Love To Jessie ANDREWS! A London Attack Shows Love's enemy is Hate!

Letter of Love To Jessie ANDREWS! 
A London Attack Shows Love's enemy is Hate!

Good morning Jessie ANDREWS:

you are a woman and not a man. Men are delusional usually when they speak about LOVE. You see the world that is not turning round. Things CHANGE from a day to another IN THE LIFE. 

The Literacy and the poetry, since the Ancient Times, make us dream of a COUPLE relationship as the land and the river are indispensables TO GO TO THE SEA FROM THE MOUNTAIN, the source is LOVE. 

We are nothing, in these years of a continuity mainly dysfunctional because the origins of our culture are hostile, if WE ACCEPT THE HATE. 

Violence and Exclusion are deadly weapons prohibited by the LOVERS like me, you, our guests who are spectators like us of this spectacle on TV, politics and entertainment, Washington & Hollywood, organizing their dispute to be sure there will never be a solution. 

This is so SAD! I am an artist like you and I am also a person involved in a public career to get a job of Senator if I can, this year no election, good for OUR KARMA. The NEW AGE has the POWER. 

Jessie is a so charismatic name in my MIND. Your eyes, your mouth, your body, your hair: AN OCEAN OF SIGNS to show to the audience you attract with a WARNING: 
you are not a part of this OBSOLETE CIRCUS of the commercial routine and cliché. 

Jessie Andrews, a Star who is wise 
and iconic like a press symbol.
Part 2.

You are my Y, I am your X, I like a lot mathematics, our Z is our dimension: Earth not like yours or mine, the Planet with a COOL CLIMATE. You have me as a LAWYER, to REHABILITATE the US Justice! You are PORN, I am PUNK, the 2 of us, we CAN MAKE LOVE, it's authorized by THE ROLLING STONES. I am your SEX PISTOL, call me FRED, don't forget I am a JEWISH NAME: V I D A L from ISRAEL and also GERMANY. What about a MOON a BEACH of SAND this SUMMER TOGETHER??

It's possible, Darling, if we have the TIME and the MONEY to be in love and PRIVACY OWNERS. The celebrities, proteges by the White House, are attracting the PAPARAZZI to be featured IN THE SEA. You and me, we're FREELANCE, no recommendation and no more defamation. OUR HUMAN RIGHTS authorize us to share the same BED when we want (John Lennon & Yoko Ono LEGACY), we are UNITED.

Jessie Andrews, more than a name,
a Personality with a Legend for me
and her to write. 

Part 3.
I conclude my letter to you by the idea there is no more BEATLES, there is nothing to advise the PEOPLE, except us, BrAmStOcKeR is a TEAMWORK of creativity and a source of REVENUES if we want it. FAKE PUNK, 12 songs, P.M.U.R.T, the single to project bad VIBRATIONS into the Impeachment file of a President refused by the DEMOCRACY.
Politics, it is Patriotism. Also, a reality show of the Making of the Album for YOUTUBE, I have a NETWORK of Social Media sites to PROMOTE our USA, for a book to publish, with Sci-Fi about 2 dimensions A & B (USB, our routine of America replaced by Business), I use it 24/7, it is indispensable. The Authorities are as usual a little disturbing regarding the SUBCULTURE, the Underground Activity of the HOUSE and the PUNK and the METAL, CONTEMPORARY ART, FASHION too. Nevermind!
This is OK, we will manage all of that the best we can. OUR GOAL IS A DEAL: Press next week! Our LOVE is a PLAN TO FOLLOW: be happy on Earth, in New York, New York is a Town to play our music, to record our film, to diffuse our book, TO SHOW EACH OTHER to everyone. It is HISTORIC! There is a BRIDGE, we don't mind the Gates, some are lucky, some are guilty. Give me 2 weeks and I will transform the PLANET to WELCOME US.
We can go the SEYCHELLES (an island with sand & sun & sea) or we have to organize a meeting for the FOUNDATION OF OUR NONPROFIT (American
Cultures Department Incorporated). Let's decide ON THE PHONE or by email bramstocker77@gmail.com We can do the 2, one after the other!
ALL MY LOVING 2 YOU, from Manhattan, 5th Ave., this Monday,1st of June, June 5, 2017.
Frederic Vidal, PhD to Jessie Andrews, DJ, Model & Actor.

POSTRCRIPT. I forgot to tell you how much I'm busy to anticipate everything that will be useful & surprisingly wonderful later, Jessie. It is June 6 today and I checked on GOOGLE that you can be in New York with VIRGIN AMERICA, for instance, June 21 for the Summer and forever with me, in 2 weeks from now, for $564 in 5 hours and 42 minutes! 1:30PM - 10:12PM, from LAX to JFK! 

It looks great! The deadline of June 6 was too early, I arrive on the East Coast March 21, your turn June 21, from a season to another! Otherwise, I wanted to speak about wedding! I am excited by the project to marry you, the sooner will be the better I believe, you too? 

For the vacation time, we have the BAHAMAS and other islands to visit in August for 2 weeks potentially to have a SUNNY HONEY MOON (we can get married there! Las Vegas another destination and possibility). We have the time until then. What else? THE ANCHORS, on YOUTUBE for the pilot, like The OSBOURNES you remember, about our couple & love story. Think a lot about it, it's so important love and business follows.

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