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TIMefraMES in New York, ACD INC. Biz Plan Commercializes Frederic Vidal, PhD Universe 2007-2017!

TIMefraMES Business Plan Project
emailed yesterday, June 20, 2017, at 4:32PM from New York to New York.

First published on Wordpress:

Timeframes LLC was a limited liability company (LLC) I created in 2005 in Los Angeles, California (original name: Vidal & Partners, LLC.

In New York in 2017, City I know for 24 years (I was for the first time in the United States in 1993, I was once a year in NYC until my immigration in 2003 and I am US Citizen since 2006, I got my PhD in communications studies in France in 1999), it is not good to transfer the LLC but to keep the name as the brand TIMefraMES of the entire project.

What is preferable is to build a Corporation in Manhattan, a nonprofit one, AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, INC. (ACD INC), profits going to the support of the cultural minorities, subculture, underground art, social disease to cure too. 

2. Our main activity is the publishing, presently on the Internet thanks to the Social Media (my blogs on Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram!), thousands of texts released since 2009 (1 million viewers on Wordpress in 2010). The e-book THE USA will be the conclusion of this first step about a panorama about our cyber New Age and all the opportunities for our American Society to prepare the deadline of 2026 (250 years of United States). Other publications to follow like a newsletter, a monthly magazine.

3. Our TV show is a second goal connected to the merchandising. The idea of The ANCHORS, a couple of reporters (me and Jessie Andrews, acting personality, model, entrepreneur and musician like me) in New York, networking and interviewing in the fields of the Fashion Industry, the Music Business, Contemporary art and the Real Estate, and more activities, is attractive and commercial as the history of a fairy tale and a success story. To start the Pilot on YouTube as a Webisode is cheap and brilliant to negotiate with a national TV network or a thematic channel. 

Frederic Vidal, PhD on Twitter:

The script of this Reality Show is also to give some fantasy to the true story of us two: 

a. ACD INC., the management and organization of our nonprofit will appear a little like in a Thriller environment (kind of BASIC INSTINCT 2) because association, partnership is a challenge and discussions can be under a small pressure, 

b. THE USA is a book inspired by a certain Science Fiction (who could imagine so much the leadership of the computers in our world before WWII) context (kind of SCI-FI MOVIE, parody lie SCARY MOVIE for horrors films), 

c. THE TV SHOW and its meetings, shopping, talks, visits, duet of us with the others could be associated more to Espionage and I already worked on it for my blog the James BOND franchise (kind of sequel of the famous spy titled LOVE IS THE ANTIDOTE, to politics, you know I'm also modestly commenting Washington news as a Web Shadow President), 

d. and 4. Last but not least, music recording with the continuation of the Punk band I created in 1977 as a teen (I was born in 1959), BrAmStOcKeR. 40 years later, I'm the only one of the origins orchestra and sharing with you as a Duet with Jessie a concept album project FAKE PUNK (50 years after SGT PEPPERS of The BEATLES masterpiece in 1967) of 12 songs I prepared for us in San Francisco - mixing your style, HOUSE, with mine, METAL electric or unplugged - before to comeback in New York in April. The mood of it is satirical (kind of GONE WITH THE WIND 2, our Romance is great in the middle of the chaos in DC regarding a RUSSIANGATE). 

We have to focus on a development in 3 steps, immediately, in June 2017, we can be operational for the Reality Show, to shoot 12 episodes of 1 hour each. On location we are, all my texts I am writing on the Internet, are what I call the episode #0-rigins! So we just need a small crew I found and a social corporate system I have too (more details ASAP). ACD INC., immediately operational too, we have just to register the corporation with the State of New York. We will receive the support, including financial of investors, our banks and new sponsors. I am socializing for it online and in town.

The CD FAKE PUNK and the book THE USA are schedule for a release in 2018, in January or February would be the best. Later, in 2019, I have 2 other productions, from my blog's universe of 2010: FRENCH COP, another hero of mine (for an animation feature film, FRENCH COP3: WIN WIN, a comic and a video game if possible and THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES, my main Wordpress blog success, to publish as A LIGHT NOVEL.

Frederic Vidal, PhD

end of the business plan

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