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Letter to the Pope: Frederic Vidal says to Francis Why Hollywood is Not Catholic!

Letter to the Pope: Frederic Vidal says to Francis 
Why Hollywood is Not Catholic!

My letter to the Pope FRANCIS says THE TRUTH about the United States of Business, the USB that could erased the USA of a NEW CONTINENT, the old one being Europe! Frederic Vidal, PhD, BrAmStOcKeR.

Hello FRANCIS, POPE of the Christians: 
I have a letter like an Encyclical note to give you for your faithful knowledge of the situation in the United States around me and you. I send a copy of this text to the TIME magazine and the BLOOMBERG TV channel because it is all about the economy of our Planet and its difficulties to have a free MARKET open to Jesus.
There is something in the air in America that is useful regarding spirituality diffusion and disturbing for religious networking, socially speaking. My strategy is to TWEET this note to you to the PRESS we follow, CNN, FOX NEWS, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, dozens of others we read. I will describe the conditions for a CATHOLIC REVIVAL IN AMERICA. Cities like New York look like Cities of Ancient Egypt!
There is an evolution of your popularity, POPE, that is interesting. These mass MEDIAS of the HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM are sending to the Public Opinion a massive message to see Coca Cola and Disney, McDonalds and AT&T like SPONSORS OF THEIR PRIVACY. 

The TV Networks, decentralized in every Counties, are not the RAI Uno or the BBC but other M&M's companies that are 4 + 1: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & CNN = 5 churches with no GOD anymore. Fanaticism for OBAMA was real, not FAKE like news his successor refuses. TRUMP is the expression of the States of Sundays programming NO PRIEST except the politician ICON he is in a MESS, for a MASS of another style, preaching NO BIBLE, the supremacy of the PATRIOTS for motto. 
His project is to sale his Babel Tower ambition to get the personal direction of the White House transformed by his imaginary glory, palace of a character extremely investigated, featured with you last week, arrogant according to me. THE CROSS IS MISSING IN HIS OVAL OFFICE, what do you think about it? Washington was a Freemason, it makes a lot of sense. This regime is not a CATHOLIC one. No kidding!

The new President, elected by the Conservatives, has been too much eccentric to pray our Lord every morning or if he does it, IT IS SECRETLY AND IT IS NOT FAIR. You are victim of their knowledge ONLY SCIENCE WINS. WOMEN ARE STRONG in the United States, they decided to FIRE this individuality for the reason he considers them A BAD WAY. Your Lord knows.

I am Frederic Vidal, an American & French citizen, DUAL CITIZEN with a profession of ARTIST and ACTIVIST. I am a songwriter performer (singer and guitarist) and a screenwriter filmmaker (actor and producer). I was US 2016 Presidential candidate and I am Shadow President on the Web. It means I represent the Opposition to President Donald TRUMP and I propose solutions to WASHINGTON, DC about their problems, especially the RUSSIANGATE. 

I think it is a mistake to LEAVE THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD today. The world's end could happen this century. It is terrible, the POLLUTION could KILL EARTH. I have the 2025 program to stay positive and have a kind of ALTERNATIVE: to organize the UNITED STATES 'YEAR 250' CELEBRATION in 2026 and to PLAN TO MOVE TO NEW EARTH, a Brand New Planet for the HUMAN KIND. If I am elected one day President of the United States of America, I will double or triple the NASA budget to have a FAR, FAR AWAY PROJECT to travel to other galaxies. Probably, we will have to build Flying Saucers, I suppose GOD and JESUS will validate this!
I am in New York after many years in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Nice, France and was 15 years in Paris as a Civil Servant. Here, in Manhattan, I am doing the most crucial 'crop' (recadrage) of my life: to become an ENTREPRENEUR (creation of the nonprofit corporation AMERICAN CULTURE(S) DEPARTMENT, ACD INC) and to become my UNION with the woman I love, Jessie ANDREWS, a model, a DJ and an actress of adult movies, an activity she will continue only with me as we are about to be associated and living together in Soho, preparing our wedding! In America, it is a civilization different than Europe and I had difficulties to socialize perfectly, there was some ANTI-NETWORKING to reduce.
I know you are from South America, FRANCIS, our Pope, you were the neighbor of the United States, a Land of the Free according to Ronald REAGAN, their Republican President in the 80's, he was President of the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD, the union of the actors and actresses in Hollywood. He was a Democrat before to join the GOP and an actor, President of this famous organization in 1959, year of my birth. 

I was 8 years homeowner in Los Angeles, in Hollywoodland, BACKGROUND ACTOR, SAG-AFTRA member since 2005, blogging on WORDPRESS since 2009, writing scripts for the big screen like FRENCH COP and GERMAN SPY or THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES. 

I already saw that women in the movie industry are not really FREE but SLAVES and FREEDOM is a concept disabled by the system of their community and industry. I invited GOSSIP GIRL's Star Blake LIVELY by calling several times her AGENT who never replied. It is not FAIR. As an immigrant, it must be a decision of the US Authorities at a bad time for me, I could not produce my #1 FILM consequently and sold my House! 

HUMAN TRAFFICKING is a social sickness against the CHRIST! I PRAY OUR LORD TO INSPIRE YOU TO OPEN A STUDY with the Administration to control what is wrong with them to refuse NEWCOMERS and LOVE. Associated Press is receiving daily my Tweets as THINGS CHANGE FROM A DAY TO ANOTHER IN THE LIFE and this letter to you, FRANCIS, is my main pacific WEAPON to get what I want: A CAREER IN AMERICA, in NEW YORK, IN THE SHOW BIZ, with Jessie ANDREWS, a Porn Star LESS THAN BLAKE LIVELY and a DJ and a MODEL MORE THAN ME. 

I am still a PUNK ROCKER since 1977 supporting the SUBCULTURE and the Underground Arts to EMPOWER this Alt-Expression to rehabilitate the TALENTS, corrupted sometimes by THE ANARCHY of the US markets. I am sure you will RECOMMEND ME, the BIBLE is our DEAL! 

Frederic Vidal, PhD,for BrAmStOcKeR.

Jessie ANDREWS, a Model and a Key-Woman. 


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