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15/16: Evocation, Preparation, Production and Diffusion of a press interview of a man by a woman about his 16 + 10 propositions for the GOP in 2015 and 2016.

15/16: Evocation, Preparation, Production and Diffusion of a press interview of a man by a woman about his 16 + 10 propositions for the GOP in 2015 and 2016.

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Frederic Vidal breakthrough: thriller and SciFi opera


The Frederic Vidal's Universe and Franchise BIG BANG is 15/16.

Frederic Vidal's Universe & Franchise includes FRENCH COP, GERMAN SPY,

MIKE FULLER DIMENSION, MAN FROM 25 REALITY (SHOW) soon in figurines and cartoons.
GERMAN SPY is 'Frederic Vidal's Universe & Franchise' Feature Film Project #1 with Global Merchandising: vidgames, comics and role plays. TS

15/16 is the Big Bang of the Universe of Thomas Spears and his friends from the commercial Franchise that I imagined in 2006 with my 1st plot FRENCH COP and its heroes: Vince Sauvan, Pat Hunter, Nat Stanislavsky, DARKPOL, KGB NEXT GEN, PYRAMID for a Reality Game by my company TIMEFRAMES LLC. Created in 2005 to stay the reference in Research & Development (R&D) for the movie industry, thanks to my PhD from France, I like also avant-garde, the style of 15/16, before the mainstream of the feature MIKE FULLER, TIMEFRAMES LLC is really Hollywood Holding symbolically.

In German Spy, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler
are closely in touch with Silence Thomas Spears 
for the best and the worst, the worst for them,
fortunately or not.

15/16, film, show, doc, reality & fiction:
you will know more about everything after these 15 minutes of screening.


A short film about an interview,
like a documentary or a reality show.

1. Evocation of the interview: to share impressions of it.

Can be on the phone or in a bed. To exchange comments with love or fame.
Mike and Close know each other very well, the actors the contrary.

The couple arrived from Los Angeles the previous day and managed to stay in a hotel in Des Moines, Iowa for the night as a couple of lovers, not only of politics but themselves. They have so much hate to release in their love like plants that never speak. The camera follow them in their privacy and their body language is as important as the content of their talk about a complicity that is extreme regarding showing more in the future they are in love and proud of it.

In 15/16, Thomas Spears is a character that Fred Kelly must play. Heinrich Himmler was Spears SS responsible in 40's. It's a long saga explained in GERMAN SPY, the project of movie was proposed to the reality level of Close, Frederic Vidal equivalent where she is an actress and even a porn star. At the level of Kelly, she is journalist. They speak about it and she acknowledges she will accept the motion picture role.

Ronald Reagan with first wife Jane Wyman

2. Interview Preparation: to talk about the content of it.

Drinking a coffee or in a meeting room, we can select main questions or think about replies or next. 
Close need more information about the program and the context.

After the evocation of the interview that is close to the mode of the 16 + 10 propositions War Marketing part, the two partners are doing a checklist of the questions and answers, the style of this makes think about the Presidential Power part of the 16 + 10. The interview preparation is casual, not corporate but the lady wants to know more who is Mike Fuller and behind him Fred Kelly, mysterious. At the reality show level, Frederic Vidal himself is partly scifi, looking young at 56, he's inspiring that 'Man from 25'tm explains the truth as a franchise about space time travels.

Like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Paul and Linda McCartney, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, I want to share my life with another person who will be a super unique human being and personality with no equivalent. This is what Frederic declares to the actress that plays Close and she is allright. There are different levels of understanding of a movie. At the 4th levels, they are accomplices, they are secret agents of the Reich, Spears and Mata Hari Jr.

Photo by Cronenweth (Hellcats of the Navy)

3. Interview Production: to succeed the questions and answers.
Journalists know personalities. They don't meet them often. When they love each other, it's a couple. 
Mike speaks as usual with humor and conviction for his very first declaration.

The production of the interview, its shooting is freelance for TVs, radios and newspapers. The female journalist has the exclusivity of it. It's about a portrait of an unknown politician in the medias, his bio, his 16 + 10 propositions program strategy, his motivation and limits. This 3rd sequence of the movie is connected to the IVth Reich part of the propositions. A political system more against Nazism is possible.

4. Interview Diffusion: to promote the program elsewhere.

To evocate audience and TVgoers is a stress or at the end of the meeting. 
There can be a multimedia strategy of it. Two persons featured. 
The USA couple decide to think about the film result, with excitement backstage.

The question of the diffusion of the interview is the conclusion of the short film. It's before to come back in LA and to leave Iowa. The confidential couple maybe could officialize they are together. The impact would be stronger. But it is not sure. Interview by itself, shot in December 15 must be diffused before February 1 and the Iowa caucuses. Fred Kelly is Republican in the normal fictional dimension. In the dimension A, Mike Fuller is Presidential Power, a federation of parties supporting him, Frederic Vidal in our reality is supporting the concept of GOP2 to say, he's not GOP candidate but as an alternate underground legendary rock veteran equivalent star, he has his words to share and his opinion to show to the others, for them to think more and decide what they want. 

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From Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, Frederic Vidal's 15/16: Evocation, Preparation, Production and Diffusion of a press interview.

The 16 propositions plus 10.

New Google Blog address for 15/16 script writing Fuller interview. Sweet porn by BRAMSTOCKER.

15/16: interview.
Evocation: to share impressions of it.
Preparation: to talk about the content of it.
Production: to succeed the questions and answers.
Diffusion: to promote the program elsewhere.

Machine to win is operational:
15/16, an interview to shoot like a film and a reality show.


To be President of the States is ambition, final goal of Mike Fuller interviewed in 15/16 but he's not in the press. 

LIVE ON TWITTER and published on new blogspot 15/16, THE STORY. Mike is President in another

dimension looking like ours but upgraded with stronger USA. They call us USB, disabled America. Fuller wants to help but difficult. SciFi. 

This is the SciFi part of the movie. The interviewer is Close Coopers in the USA, his secretary at the White House. In our dimension, she's
just a reporter of the LA Times in the fiction and in the reality show, level of reality, the actress
herselve. In the fiction, Mike has
also another identity, actor Fred Kelly, SAG-AFTRA. You can follow the film as a reality show-behind the scenes and so Fuller is just me. 

Mike Fuller is in dimension B as Fred Kelly: BUT THIS IS FICTION. We're not sure there are 2 dimensions!! He's played by Frederic Vidal.

It's semi fictional: in the reality, Vidal name to be actor is also Fred Kelly and he's also candidate for the Pres with no press.

In 15/16, there is a context of Thomas Spears, this hero, from the 1920's in Hollywood until now (like Batman, he is 'inter-times') who was obliged to be for Hitler before to continue alone until 70 years later.
The necessary studies for the movie preparation of GERMAN SPY III are about the IIIrd Reich, its organization, its doctrine but also its central symbol: the swastiska that is not at all a creation of National Socialiasm. It is the reason why we have to present this sign as ours when necessary.
Read the 16 +10 propositions Google site page about anti-Nazi IVth Reich:

Hindu Religious sign Swastika.

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