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15/16 Light Novel: They were made for loving each other by Mike Fuller (Frederic Vidal).

by Frederic Vidal aka Mike Fuller.

Violence in politics is usual. These people who think only about being elected have nothing else to share with their voters. They have the power to manage public services and they want more, to manage the population. Wrong. They are not new kind of future politicians who are different. Our hero was one of them. Basically he never thought really about being elected one day by the Angelinos (citizens of Los Angeles). He was living there, his profession was his motivation, as a lawyer he was sure of one thing: the law can be the context of an election without problem, people were less sure than it.

The problem of our hero was about the press and the polls. He was not famous and important enough to be among the leaders who get percentages of positive opinions for popularity, an election or subjects regarding politics and society. For his program, because he was a good lawyer specialized in divorces, he selected only topics about justice: regular justice, personal justice, social justice in order to propose his main competence to be a member of the government of the Country. Basically, there are 3 categories of 'elected' guys who are in charge of everything regarding their position: President of the States, Member of Congress or local ones and Mayors. Also, for each State, you can think about being elected Governor.

Our hero hesitated first then registered to be a write-in candidate at the 2010 midterm US Senate election in California. He got enough votes to be back later but for another election, he decided, Presidential one, probably in 2016. We were at his office, in September 2015 and he hesitated: "could I be President of the States with woman married with me, fiancee or girlfriend?" Actually, he just divorced during the Summer and was terribly alone for a campaign he wanted beginning December to be sure to be in Desmoines in January. But first, he had to find the girl. It was also personal and professional, not only political. The idea was not to do a casting but to meet persons that chance would offer him to see in a discotheque.

He was a dancer, by night every Friday and Saturday, he liked to be hot and enjoy the atmosphere of the dancefloor with a music that he would have prefer Country than House. A lot of girls were there, some of them without a man but with a girlfriend. After two weekends of short talks and cool dances without love or partnerships, our hero staying not decided totally about his project to share, he met someone really strange, girl for fun or key-woman today, it's what our hero was controlling. One was dancing on the floor looking like a Pretty Woman, not an actress but a character, not of a comic but a Light Novel. She was blond hair girl, let's call her the girl of this story. Her and the hero, they could have looked good together if they had met before, probably 2 years ago when were in 2013, the year of the Lucky Strike, another cigarette than Marlboro, to smoke with your lover or to share with your sister or daughter. But in 15, things are different and the girl was more preparing and thinking about social objectives to complete with the man. She was looking that night and usually like a 15 years old girl, so underage and definitely teen at 25 or little less. Him at 35 or a little more, he looked and felt like 25 and compatible with her, obviously without difficulty except one: the situation.

The past is the past and previous girls disappear when a new one arrive. It's a novel about social status that our hero could have written before the election. His first voter was a female and he told her: "what are you doing in this club, do you like David Bowie?"
Her: "No, not so much. I think he's old, I prefer Justin Bieber. Why?"
Him: "I'm not obsolete. As a lawyer, a professional lawyer, I need some fun and street culture during the night. So that's it. Do you like people like me?"
Girl: ' you like a guy from romance stories lost and found in a thriller! I'm a student but not from UCLA. I like scifi, what about you? No, I was looking for somebody to have a nice conversation. Are you a smoker? We could collaborate for some projects of mine. I want to be a journalist."
Him: "this idea is brilliant. I would see you well to have the Pulitzer. It's coincidental but I'm looking for a press interview. My dream is to be a political VIP, to be your next Pres."
Girl: "I believe in you more as an actor, you could join the Screen Actors Guild. You are a
seductor. Me, I'm a Star Wars fan and I study space-time travels. I have to call my friends."
Him: "Sure. I see you later inside. We could make love together?"
Her: "you make me laugh, you could be elected Senator! You and me?? To make love, you have to be two. It's not like going to the restrooms or sleeping like pigs together."
Him: "you a really upgraded girl, you upscale!"
Her: "I'm building a film in my mind, another subject, about history. I will tell you more."
Him: "of course, it's Hollywood. Then, October and November, 2 months of waiting time with a sleeping partner. They had sex in fact and they continued as a kind of secret couple, keeping their privacy apart, far away from LA crowd. Love is not medical or not only medical but a therapy that is social and first personal like a pleasure and a distanciation with little pain. Nowadays, people are ugly, tired like machines that are dysfunctional, bad buildings. Everybody must know there is a cure. It's Disabled America. Persons were better in the past, feeling better too, it will be the same in the future after 25. We have 10 years to support, we will do it."

Her and him, him and her, they were and are still exceptional, taking the time to be BEAUTIFUL and EMBLEMATIC. You could do that if you want too but you too much busy and in a hurry in your Lalaland that can be DC, NY, Chicago or Nashville, The MUSIC CITY. There for Christmas 2015,
they celebrated the short film 15/16 that was shot in December by our hero and his girl as only A PRESS INTERVIEW they called that way because themselves on a parallel Earth or alternate one. Now, we are in January of 16 and what to do? To prepare 15/16 sequel, wich title? 17. The girl was a moviemaker kind of woman, the hero was a lawyer, he told her in the interview everything he wanted to realize in the reality. She was not a follower, she never used Twitter. She even did not know a lot at all about this Web service. She was now working at the Los Angeles Times. She was just a trainee but her boss understood she was gifted lady, hoping for more, maybe Washington, maybe New York but not a bad New York.

There is no doubt, no regret about medias. If you're not featured one day, you will be the one. If you were
never the subject of an article, you will make it with a subject that won't be a subject or another. Let's say: the Presidential election especially if there is Donald Trump, like in a fairy tale replacing the Republican candidate. It could be formidable to meet and network with the TV Host of the TV Reality Show 'The Apprentice' and even to be his last one before to replace him. A trainee and an apprentice, it's
almost the same but they are two, a man and a woman, part of the German Spy universe of our French Cop franchise, these two heroes, one girl and a man. They will make it in September 2016 for the last race to the Presidency. This is sure that their next location is The White House but for now, we are in January and they love each other with first fame thanks to the interview. So FLASHBACK: let's with the TVgoers and guest remember and screen it again or for the first time, it depends. 15/16 was its name and also Interview of a future candidate.


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