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Frederic Vidal Informs Of Delays Regarding His Breakthrough In The Press And US Medias. Not Really Acceptable But 2016 Victory Is More Certain Than Ever As Mike Fuller Coalition Is Reinforced.

Josef Stalin: another regime (USSR). another type of policy BUT THE SACRED ALLIED to collapse Hitler. Never forget, it would be THE THIRD REICH WITHOUT HIM.

Frederic Vidal Informs Of Delays Regarding His Breakthrough In The Press And US Medias. Not Really Acceptable But 2016 Victory Is More Certain Than Ever As Mike Fuller Coalition Is Reinforced.


From Nashville, December 18, 2015

Hi Ekaterina:
I am Frederic Vidal and I always was a great friend of Russia. First in Europe, before to immigrate to the United States (I have the US citizenship since 2006), I was raised in Nice and Monaco on the French riviera before to get the degree of Political Science of Sciences Po Paris. Meanwhile, I succeeded to begin my artistic career with Bramstocker, my rock punk band in 1977. Then in Nice, I did politics with Jacques Medecin, the mayor in 1983 for his reelection and radio host of his Radio Baie des Anges. For 15 years, I have been a public servant at the Caisse des depots in Paris, member of the historic committee, I studied the problem of the Jewish assets stolen by the Nazis, for the French government. I have also a PhD in communication studies of the university of Paris II.
I wanted first to introduce myself. It's a little long because I was smart from the beginning (i am the cousin of Andre Malraux great friend, General Edouard Corniglion-Molinier, Minister in the 1950's and De Gaulle supporter) to stay close to who am I. Right now, it is the reason why I am sending you this email because I would like you to inform your readers and your nation that I am blackouted in my own Country, the USA (I stayed connected to France since 2006 and keep their nationality, I'm, so, binational and staid 4 years there in Nice in my family flat after the death of my last parent, my old aunt Jacqueline). Once back, first on the East Coast, in Washington and Baltimore, now in Nashville, Tennessee, I could check population partly hostile, that what a lot less the case before AND NO PRESS, NO PRESS, NO PRESS. It's at the worst time, I'm at my best on the Web with 2 blockbusters sites (my Wordpress blog, more than one million views and my new songs for Legendary BRAMSTOCKER https://vid,me/brasmstocker with almost 15,000 views in a few months).
I am pretty proactive on the Social Media since the end of the 2000's and already the interdiction of our band in France in 1977 (we could not sign a record deal) attracted me to the nonprofit area. But after I resigned from the French administration to live my dream, an artistic career, I could check it's not easy but now it's impossible! I created my limited liability company in 2005 and developed many films, first FRENCH COP, then GERMAN SPY (period movie about World War II) before to understand I had to do politics to express better myself. And then, I was candidate for the US Senate in 2010 as a write-in but not validated. Thanks to Twitter micro-blogging (I am now mainly on for promotion of my short film in progress 15/16, my new songs and my political campaign), I could communicate a lot until now, I'm this year and next year US Presidential candidate, first Republican but, until now, refused  (secretly), it appears, by the American Authorities.
I'm back on the United States territory since October 16 and two months later I could check this week at the Nashville airport, after one month in the city of music with no notable and important contacts for my career, that American Airlines and other plane transportation companies refused to offer me a free ticket to Los Angeles, definitely. I came back from France with a zero budget as the boycott was also there in progress. Since I'm back, like previously, I invited the American press by email several times to be in touch with me (I intensified since October 16 my Wordpress & Twitter strategy of important publication, publishing, read my business plan:
I MUST BE IN LA after this half bad Nashville, a little as a homeless until now, even if I am alternate rock star with the best health of my life and looking good and young at 56! I lost my house in Hollywoodland in 2011 with a short sale after I succeeded to prevent the foreclosure and the bakruptcy of my company and EXCEPT A VERY FEW PEOPLE TO HELP ME, I'M ISOLATED TOO MUCH for someone like me good for PR. It must be organized, like this blacklisting by the American press, to prevent me to be candidate to the Presidency. BUT I JUST WANT TO BE CULTURAL CANDIDATE in 201% with the pre-production in progress of my film 15/16, part of my intellectual artistic universe (like superheroes in comics) of Timeframes (visit also:
So, according to the fact we are winners of World War II together against Hitler (we don't want a new Hitler), I AM ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT, as russians best American partners!, TO SPEAK ABOUT ME (and my present half disaster because State and Society in the US more than half against my presidential candidacy) IN YOUR NEWSPAPER to reveal I am considered probably like a dissident, famous on the Web but never invited to something else. Like that, with your support, to compensate the French State is totally associated to the US leaders to stop me, doing ingerence, I WILL SUCCEED TO JOIN LA where I lived 8 years in the 2000's and where there are the networks to begin my definitive comeback and my breakthrough in their-my-our press.
There in Los Angeles, I will socialize with the Russian important community as I am sure they are, you are, guys, more than ever the right partners and future associates to manage the wolrd smartly, with the UN, understanding and finishing soon the threat of the ISIS and the chaos of the Internet - IT'S WORLD WAR III 50% with the cyber-attacks, terrorism, middle-East threat and RUSSIA OF VLADIMIR PUTIN NOT WELL ENOUGH RESPECTED. If I am, if I can be REGULAR CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENCY NEXT YEAR, I WILL BE PRO-RUSSIA AND PROPOSING CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS.
Thank you so much for your consideration, I am availlable fulltime to be in touch with you, I continue the fight and I'm gonna succeed to promote myself and the Bill of Rights and Have a great weekend. LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.
Best regards.
Frederic Vidal, PhD

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