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A business plan for TIMEFRAMES LLC with music: Legendary BRAMSTOCKER and Movie: 15/16.

A future empire needs to be commented already now for journalists notes and clients attraction. Well organized, a company is sure to prevail. Markets welcome gifted newcomers. What is Frederic Vidal cultural enterprise?

The producer of a first short film to be shot normally before the end of the year, 15/16:

A new presidential candidate who is also musician and filmmaker accepts a press interview by a journalist who is also his girlfriend. In Desmoines, Iowa, the couple is busy evocating the interview in their privacy, preparing it seriously, making it professionally, speaking about its diffusion. These are the 4 parts of the film of 15, 16 minutes mixing reality show, documentary and regular fiction movie styles. 15/16 is the evidence that it is possible to work together and to love each other. The mood and message of the film are a little like when Marilyn meets JFK and when the Los Angeles Times meets Marvel Comics Group.

Frederic Vidal is Mike Fuller, a true novelist and great mind.

To build the architecture of his LLC and organization of his strategy, Frederic Vidal decided to manage separately the coordinated concepts of brand, franchise, universe, dimension, fantasy, reality, program, marketing and merchandising.

The BRAND:           Timeframes, the LLC.
                                 created in 2005 in Los Angeles, California.
                                 Brand is a mark.Timeframes is signature of my cultural
                                 products franchise inspired by 50's American Dream and SciFi.

The FRANCHISE:   French Cop, the first feature film
                                 written as a plot in 2006 then rescheduled 10 years later.
                                 Most emblematic project of Frederic Vidal is French Cop,
                                 Vincent Sauvan, thriller standard story to install a style

The UNIVERSE:     German Spy, the role play for a motion picture
                                with the context of World War II and movie industry.
                                The Universe of a film collection is the fresque, whole saga
                                of all its characters family with historic context.

The DIMENSION:   Mike Fuller, from dimension USA to USB
                                about the saga of a simple man but President of the US.
                                Mike Fuller Dimension different than ours. His dimension is upon us,
                                sky level, more institutional USA for everybody. Two are compatibles.

The FANTASY:       The Man with Velvet Eyes, a web novel for Intervision
                                about a couple of American diplomats in the 1920's in Prague.
                                Velvet Eyes Fantasy not heroic but administrative. All films are
                                translation of reality, they change social contents. World more

The REALITY:        Man from 25, science fiction for a reality show,
                                Frederic Vidal adventures, still very young at 56.
                                Frederic Vidal REALITY is your reality 75%. 25% alternate and
                                underground: what he knows, what he says, where he is, when he
                                wants and can.

The PROGRAM:    Legendary BRAMSTOCKER, music from punk to time
                               with no other role than entertaining and debrainwashing.
                               Legendary Bramstocker PROGRAM is like radio one, synchronizing
                               everything and everybody. Music is most entertaining program.
                               Slow and hard.

The MARKETING: 15/16, a short film about politics and press
                               together in a film, love and interview of Mike.
                               15/16 Marketing is for packaging of the whole franchise-universe.
                               Short film not a commercial but design and situation promote and

The MERCHANDISING: 17, a documentary about our characters
                                         presenting the brand and the universe for figurines.
                                        17 Merchandising. There will be 15/16 sequel about presentation
                                         of all the figures of GERMAN SPY Universe, expressing FRENCH
                                         COP franchise.

Songs on

TIMEFRAMES LLC booking now for Broker, Background,
talent agent, casting director and co-producer.


Eventually TIMEFRAMES LLC presents
Mike Fuller's 15/16 SCRIPT.

INTRODUCTION: first sequence in a car, parking it.

1. EVOCATION  of a regular press interview
Scenes dialogues beginning then impro.

a. Mike: Did you visit your parents previously? Close: not really, I was there to enjoy their advice, always wrong for us. b. Close: I love the way you like me, you like yourself, your clothes. Mike: Sure. I feel well, what to do, especially with a beautiful girl like you. c. Mike: I love you because you are smart.You think for me. Close: no, I think you love me for my body and my style, you don't mind the rest. d. Close: do you want to see me again like before after this interview. Mike: let's change our routine, I don't like cliches, I'm never blase of you.

2. PREPARATION of the regular press interview
Scenes dialogues beginning then impro.

a. Close: do you want to speak about your dream to have a new career? Mike: you mean to get a place, a spot in the race officially? b. Mike: So, everything's ready for the publication including your questions? Close: aproximately. I'm not a pro, I'm more than that, a pure pro. c. Close: do you want to speak about the Jews or do you want to wait for a second time? Mike: I will decide when you ask the question. We can cut it in a second time. d. Close: Are there some subjects you want to amplify? Mike: About you, I suppose but it's not possible for this interview.

3. PRODUCTION of a TV press interview
Scenes dialogues beginning then impro.

a. Close: you are candidate for the election, is it the first time you decide so? Mike: participating in a competition? No, I was already in politics when I was 23 about city hall election in France. b. Close: you are at the beginning a good songwriter and a composer of scripts, why is it not enough? Mike: I have to manage my time and the 2 centuries. To be President, my future is the XXIst century. c. Close: do you think Americans have the motivation to change the President? Mike: you right. The 2 other favorite candidates, they are the same than the African American guy, stars. I'm not. If I'm super star, I'm alternate. d. Mike: Legendary BRAMSTOCKER could be evocated. It's my band and really a legendary one. Close: but it's for a minority. You just sing for radio mainstream and rock since Nashville.

4. DIFFUSION of a TV press interview
Scenes dialogues beginning then impro.

a. Mike: what do you think? We made it well. It could be broadcast. Close: sure. We did it on purpose. I'm a writer normally but this time TV is enjoyable for me. b. Close: we gonna be rich one day. I'm sure. This interview will be great souvenir. Mike: of course, but for now, I would need 1,000 DVDs of it. c. Mike: I'm really satisfied. I think it will be enough to compensate I'm not in Desmoines. Close: I hope so. You can succeed a Super Monday in April or in May. d. Close: I was preparing som PR in Washington about a VIP content of our show. Mike: What you mean? A screening could be great with the Rotary members, Rotararct, Toastmasters but also Chambers of Commerce, in a series of towns nationwide, coupled with my songs showcases.


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