samedi 11 juin 2016

In April, Mike Fuller Diffused To The United Nations His Study Against anti-Semitism: WAITING FOR THE GERMAN SPY III.

Waiting for the German Spy III,
until the end.

by Silence Thomas Spears aka Mike Fuller.

Introduction: a decade for nothing or the origins of a universe?
In the 2000’s, after my PhD, I relocated in California, I got my US citizenship and started to write on the Web. The Man with the Velvet Eyes™ scored 1M views in 2010.

1. What is to change to prevent more miscommunication?

1.1. After 6 months of hate, empowerment begins in Los Angeles.

1.1.1. Hostile Nashville syndrome because bad NSA file.

The D-Day of my comeback in the States after 4 years in France, my native Country (I’m dual citizen), was October 16, 2015. I scheduled a trip to Nashville before LA and the Republican caucuses in Iowa, February 1st, 2016. Unfortunately I could check I was not so much welcomed to play live music and record it for my fans, so I decided to wait and see. Was it anti-networking?

1.1.2. War marketing to promote Timeframes and Intervision.

Now, 6 months later, I am sure the 2 Presidents Bush and Obama have something to do in this story with the NSA (National Security Agency) that does not want me too much in the charts, more than certainly. I was Punk in 1977 with my band BRAMSTOCKER™, I will not change. So, Los Angeles is my final destination after Atlanta and Birmingham. I will reactivate there my LLC TIMEFRAMES™.

1.2. Not possible having sex before system upgrade by wedding.

1.2.1. Warnings stronger than fame to neutralize a dissident.

It is not anecdotal at all. It appears that the policy to isolate me is based on sexual harassment. Normally, I would attract girls, looking good and young. On the contrary, they almost never spoke with me during these 6 months. It is a problem of socialization.

1.2.2. French Cop™ couple destruction program soon obsolete with German Spy™.

French Cop™ was scheduled to be filmed in 2007 but the actress Samantha Lockwood decided to cancel her participation in this project. How could I be so unlucky with women? I’m not so well appreciated by the Authorities. I don’t consider myself controversial. Blake Lively also in 2009 refused all kinds of collaboration.

2. Why there is no hope of improvement without a reform?

2.1. Anti-Semitism Germany and France social sickness.

2.1.1. Short sale of the house located 6218 Rockcliff Drive.

Cancellation of the sale offer by actor Paul Adelstein (Prison Break) because presumed toxicity of my house. This is the final bug that stopped my career for a while. Anyway, I am catholic with my Jewish legal name (Vidal) and 50% of Jewish origins (Haim family from New York and this is the reason why).

2.1.2. IVth Reich project for promotion of Israel nationwide.

Anti-Semitism could be an American surprising attitude because it’s first Nazi and also French from the XIXth century. Context of German Spy III™ project is Israel with an American IVth Reich doing the contrary than the German IIIrd Reich did, responsible of Auschwitz. We must investigate worldwide about the Nazis and their stolen Jewish assets.

2.2. Corruption alert between Washington and Hollywood.

2.2.1. Washington hegemony not in the USA but USB connected.

Hollywood community is not strong like before. Movie industry appears weak and even victim of human trafficking and sexual harassment, inside and outside the Screen Actors Guild. It looks like an entourage of Presidency with aggressive iconic charisma of Barack Obama who could be the CEO equivalent of a super major studio, Hollywood itself.

2.2.2. Nonprofit ACD (American Cultures Department) to reinforce indie movies.

My project is the contrary: to help people to stay politically free. Project of a Secretary of the Arts was refused in 2008. In 2010, I was refused at the US Senate election in California. To prepare the US to support the artists, this is the main subject of the 2016 Presidential campaign. I used to be a client of the shelters for homeless people during these 6 months and I propose their federation and sponsoring by ACD.


Conclusion: Ego renaissance in order to manage a new way of life.

The solution for me is to change my name but, in fact, I cannot do otherwise: Frederic Vidal is dead April 16, 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama. Obviously, my name must be Mike Fuller because he wanted this name to be his political one. Silence Thomas Spears is my AKA (also known as). As Fuller-Spears, I’m ready to reply to the journalists.

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