samedi 11 juin 2016

Vidal dead, no more Fred. Hitler killed him. He was American.

Vidal Dead, No More Fred. Hitler killed him. He was American.


There is no other name than the name you deserve. Washington knew he would be a capitale name. Elvis Presley did not know his first name will sound like no one else.

My Presley last name was Vidal like Sassoon and Gore. I was proud to use it for 56 years. It's Jessie Andrews who gave me the idea to change my name and my life with the slogan CHANGE on her pictures painted by me in March 2016. As I want to marry her, I need a resurrrection of myself. Jesus could have staid years after death but I had not this project but he had this project. I died in Birmingham, Alabama, April 16 with this Jewish legal name, Vidal.


I continued as Silence Thomas Spears (acting pseudonym and the name of the GERMAN SPY, one of my best film project) and arrived alone in Los Angeles, May 7 with our great US President & political name Mike Fuller because STS was snipped in Dallas, May 6 like JFK, being too German.


Frederic Vidal must be a hero of legend, close to the Lord and not seen at all like a Hitler. He is the brand of the franchise for TV, Comics, featuere films, vidgames titled MAN FROM 25. Fred was formidable but to be a good husband, I must be more humble, Mr. Hollywood, not only Dr. Timeframes. He passed away after 20 months of pain and his story will express he is still the Christ of the New Age, a spiritual mind and a supreme being.

His body was incinerated in Los Angeles, mine is Ok, I'm Mike Fuller for the rest of the year! Next President of the United States if the press accepts to interview my head, face and brain. I'm myself Andrews addicted and will consolidate her if she's sad for the deadman who is only fictional beginning now.


Never call me again FV. He was the victim of anti-semitism. America is not always the Land of free. Always is a song by Bon Jovi not by Blake Lively who is not a singer but a jerk. He could have been her boyfirend. She refused her Gossip Man. Jon did not say to Frederic that the US are so disappointing sometimes for the of BRAMSTOCKER, Punk or not. Vidal filmmaker did not get the support of his favorite singer on Myspace. The pictures are not enough when there are texts. He partly commited a suicide with his mission to be back in the US.


I will, me Mike Fuller from Alabama, play his songs and sign his films and other writings. No Web anymore but the press, the Presidential campaign began. Stay awake, Ok?

Mike Fuller

Postscript: human trafficking and fake couples are the illnesses of actors and actresses against me, meaningt SAG-AFTRA. The medication is a lawsuit also against France that inspired the worst with the French Lover concept.

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