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TIMEFRAMES UNIVERSE Origins: about FRENCH COP (first writings - 11/30/2006).

ORIGINAL FIRST PLOT POST ON THE FANBASE SITE IN NOV 2006                                  
(Update to be published on and in September 2007)
FRENCH COP LLC                                    
Hollywood, 11/30/2006

The Motion Picture based on a Story by Fred Kelly
(Thank you to respect the confidentiality of this document, protected by the
US Copyright, that must not be diffused to other persons).

(c) 2006, Modernscope Inc., New York, New York, All rights reserved.


Austin Powers used to be a successful pastiche of James Bond, FRENCH COP(R)
is not a pastiche of Austin Powers but a reaction and a riposte against
taking not seriously enough issues about civil and military extravaganza by
private or public entities with personal consequences on groups or


The story is about a French Detective and Professor of Criminology, Vincent
Sauvan, and his American wife, Patricia, who also are Secret Agents of a
"Triple X" kind of US International Security Network. Sauvan meets one day
in a Sorbonne Amphitheater one of his students, Natascha who is the daughter
of the Russian Ambassador in Paris, previously at the U.N. They enjoy each other...
The woman is kidnapped after a diner at Sauvan's Home and Vincent receives
the following day a call asking for more than 2 million dollar for her
release. He decides to inform Washington D.C. and have the order to begin a Search and
Rescue operation regarding the girl and to mix it with Search and Destroy
tactics to struggle against the kidnappers.
After a series of fights in the Streets of The Marais in Paris, Vince and
Patricia succeed to find Natascha in a hotel called Hotel Atlantide that is
the Headquarters of a Prostitution Network in Paris used for exchange of
information between Secret Services of several States.
But the Russian State have already sent a couple of male agents with the mission to
neutralize Sauvan and the two women. The trio decide to flight to Los
Angeles where they have a rendez-vous with a CIA supervisor. But there is a
problem: Natascha is also in touch with her father who gives the information
to the two killers...


The Film FRENCH COP(R) is first oriented by the Love Story between Vince
Sauvan and his wife, the American and Blond Hair Patricia, who met each
other for the first time in New York five years before and are a splendid
couple like used to be Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman in their private life.
Their relationships during the whole movie is based on fair and fear of
disappointing the soul of the alter ego...
But when Natascha, a gorgeous Russian kind of Goddess, arrives in their life
it creates a weird feeling about disassociation of their union and a dark
sentimental climate close from the ambiance of the movie 'Eyes Wide Shot'.
Anyway, they build a new romance because they still want to reinforce their
Love Affair with tenderness and more excitements.


Vince is, first of all, a French Detective who did not feel comfortable when
he used to work in a regular Department of the French Police as a lot of his
colleagues are stressed and isolated in front of the Problem of the
Teenagers Attitude in the Suburbs of Paris.
As a matter of fact, he continued studying Laws, Political Science,
Sociology and Criminology at the Sorbonne until he got his PhD in 1999. In
January 2005, he found a way to become an Associate Professor of
Consequently, if he is a US secret agent, he stays before all a kind of
Sherlock Holmes who could be in the cast of 'CSI', working, primary, with
evidences and violence just after as he is a Full Contact nice Specialist.


Since the Beginning of the Third Millennium, Spies are more than ever
High-Tech Devices users and we can imagine in FRENCH COP(R) that there is
"Rosswell Era" kind of origin for this new generation of products and
technics after the Public Authorities at the highest level decided to
continue experimentations inspired by Extra-Terrestrial Antiquities landed
on Earth.
That means only that Vince, Patricia and Natascha, on one hand, and the two
Russian Agents and their French Escorts, on the other hand, will use a
series of specially developed for them weaponry based on simple and popular
inventions: Bar Codes, Scanners, Holograms, Halogens, Microwaves and more as:
- Space Jumps (The notion of Space Jumps, a flight at the speed of light or
more, that they can do in Hyper Space when they "officially" sleep in their
Bed or when they use Cyber-Procedes connected to the Internet, will be more
developed in the Second Movie and plainly defined as they are the subject of
the third and last movie: FRENCH COP(R) - WIN WIN (C)),
- Space Time Inserts (The notion of Space Time Inserts, a way to go back
from the Past to the Future but not only as "Jeidi Knights" can do the best,
will be developed in the second movie: FRENCH COP(R) - WHITE HOUSE (C)).


Mixing Sci-Fi High-Tech Technology, a dual Love Story and Detective
Adventures about a Kidnapping would not be possible without Secret Services
Network Interests and Assistance, interfering in the course of the Scenario.
The action takes place in December 2005 in Paris, France, when Riots began
in the Suburbs because of the Teenagers Rebellion caused by unemployment.
The fact is to know better if these social events are directly or not
connected to the drama based on Vince, Patricia and Natacha "Real Life"
fight for Life and Freedom and their "Course Poursuite".
Anyway, in the United States, the story continues without any kind of
influence by these European events and, then, it is more about a Countdown
for the Russian Agents who must neutralize the Three Protagonists before a
Deadline that is for them the End of the Year 2005.


Pre-production of the Movie: December 2007-April 2008
Shooting in Paris and LA: May-July 2008
Post-Production: August-September 2008
(in Los Angeles)
Release of the DVD: February 2009
(Negotiations for the distribution in Theaters worldwide,
at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008)


Dark Pol(R), Bon Jovi, Velvet Revolver, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Bramstocker, Coldplay, Def Leppard, Duran Duran, Franz
Ferdinand, Guns N'Roses, Sex Pistols, Vidal Junction, David Ashcroft, Pete
Doherty, Eminem, Fred Kelly and Robbie Williams.
Sound design by BRAMSTOCKER.
(Note: an English Translation will be released soon).

Vincent Sauvan est un policier francais vivant a Paris avec son epouse
Patricia, d'origine americaine. Il enseigne la criminologie a la Sorbonne,
etant professeur associe et titulaire d'un doctorat en sciences juridiques.
Parmi ses etudiants, la fille de l'ambassadeur de Russie se fait remarquer
par son interet pour la discipline qu'elle etudie dans le cadre d'un
magistere en droit prive. Natascha se rapproche progressivement de Sauvan
qu'elle cherche a seduire.
Vincent mene une double vie avec sa femme Patricia, partageant avec elle une
passion certaine pour les arts martiaux et les techniques de combat. Ils
appartiennent au reseau d'origine d'americaine "Triple X" qui les a recrute
lorsqu'ils etaient adolescents.
Natascha mene a Paris une vie passablement dissolue partageant son temps
entre les discotheques et les salles de bibliotheques de l'Universite de
Paris IV. Son service de securite se compose de deux gardes du corps tres
Ele devient l'ami du couple Sauvan qu'elle frequente assidument et qu'elle
invite un soir de decembre 2005 a l'Ambassade de Russie en France, situe
pres du Bois de Boulogne, pour une reception en l'honneur de la presse et du
Le lendemain, elle disparait mysterieusement et Sauvan recoit, quelques
jours plus tard, un coup de telephone anonyme lui reclamant une rancon de 2
millions de dollars. Il decide de se taire, refusant la pression imposee par
les ravisseurs de la jeune femme, et contacte immediatement son
correspondant a Washington au sein du reseau "XXX".
Celui-ci lui donne l'ordre d'entamer avec son epouse Patricia une operation
de SEARCH AND RESCUE concernant Natascha et une mission SEARCH AND DESTROY
relative aux commanditaires du kidnapping qu'il n'est pas possible encore
d'identifier a ce moment la.
Par la suite, le couple d'agents, sous couverture de leur emploi fictif de
policier francais et de femme au foyer, demantelent un veritable complot
contre l'Etat francais impliquant a la fois des mouvances terroristes
internationales et l'Etat de Russie.
Apres moultes peripeties, ils retrouvent Natascha dans un hotel de la
banlieue parisienne denomme l'Hotel Atlantide. S'en suit un combat de rue,
qui se termine dans le Marais, contre les organisateurs d'un systeme de
prostitution qui servait de couverture a des echanges de renseignements
entre la CIA, le Mossad et les services secrets de l'ex-URSS.
Natascha n'est plus que l'ombre d'elle-meme quand le couple victorieux
Vincent-Patricia decide de la conduire en Amerique, a Los Angeles, pour la
debriefer car elle doit maintenant livrer les informations, necessaires a sa
survie, concernant sa captivite, ce qu'elle a revelee et ce qu'elle connait,
et plus encore.
Les trois protagonistes sont rejoints en Californie par deux tueurs envoyes
par les autorites russes. S'en suit une course poursuite dans les rues de
Los Angeles qui se conclue dans un studio d'enregistrement situe pres de
l'aeroport de LAX ou se termine cette premiere partie de la trilogie FRENCH
Axl W Rose y enregistre la chanson du Nouvel Album de Guns N'Roses CHINESE
DEMOCRACY: Catcher in the Rye (C) quand Sauvan et les deux femmes debarquent
et s'y cachent pour echapper aux deux envoyes de Moscou qui inspectent
l'immeuble et finissent, de guerre lasse, par renoncer a poursuivre leurs
recherches, provisoirement, il est vrai.

(A Suivre)
To be continued in the Sequel: FRENCH COP(R) - WHITE HOUSE (C) due to be
released in 2010 and the Conclusion: FRENCH COP(R) - WIN WIN (C) due to be
released in 2011.

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